HBO on Netflix? More Like HBO vs. Netflix!


People have been looking for HBO on Netflix for years, but now the debate will be HBO vs. Netflix. The fight will commence sometime in 2015. The evolution of entertainment content delivery continues. HBO, the original subscription entertainment programming service for TV viewers, is expanding to the web soon.

HBO GO allows subscribers to watch most HBO programming On Demand. You can use HBO GO in a web browser, certain streaming players, select mobile devices, and connected TVs.

The drawback of HBO GO is mainly that the shows you have access to will be mostly ones you’ve missed. It doesn’t look like you can watch episodes of your favorite shows as they air. The fact that not all mobile and streaming devices can also be problematic. Also, service availability and features will vary by provider and not all providers are available at the moment.

HBO Streaming: This is the Netflix Business Model

For the most part, the way HBO GO works is close to how Netflix works. If you weren’t able to catch the most recent episode of your favorite show, or you want to catch up on past episodes and/or seasons of ones you discover midway, you can most likely go to Netflix to catch up. It’s been awhile since I’ve gone through the list of TV series that Netflix carries, but I don’t recall seeing any HBO series episodes on Netflix. Since Netflix has gotten into the series production business, of course you will always be able to see the most recent episodes of the series they produce.

The True HBO on Netflix Fight Will Begin in 2015

The problem with HBO GO for many people is that for a variety of reasons they’ve gotten rid of their TV service and stream everything they watch. This means they don’t have a current HBO subscription and can’t use the service. Another problem is that it’s only available in the U.S. That means I’m out of luck when I visit family and friends outside the country.

Netflix is already international. My account goes with me no matter where I go. If HBO allows subscribers to their new service international access, this HBO in Netflix fight could prove interesting. It could end up going 21 rounds and will only benefit us consumers. Who will win will be the company that has the business model that caters to more viewers.

CEO of HBO on Netflix: We’re Coming for You

There are several streaming services and devices on the market now. We’ve done write-ups on several of them here at Digital Landing. However, the major player in the market is Netflix. By announcing their upcoming web-based subscription service, HBO has announced that they’re coming for Netflix viewers. Will they get them? Only time will tell.

Both Services Will Have Fans and Adherents

Netflix began life as a mail-order DVD rental service and expanded into streaming. Over time they phased out the DVD rental part of the business because it wasn’t making money. They focused on the streaming side and getting the rights to show more content that viewers wanted to watch.

HBO started out as an over the air service that required a special antenna, one of which my family had. Yeah, you could say I was something of a popular kid at the time (the swimming pool didn’t hurt, either). HBO originally focused on bringing first run movies to your TV screen as quickly as possible, without commercials.

Over time, HBO evolved to broadcasting sporting events (including pay per view exclusives), concerts, and special events. A little later they started producing their own exclusive content. Netflix noticed that this was drawing new subscribers and viewers, driving them to start developing their own exclusive content.

Netflix recently released its earnings statement to investors. In this statement they addressed the HBO announcement, saying that the HBO on Netflix battle for viewers and subscribers was inevitable. Like me, the company also thinks that this competition will benefit consumers.


I’m not leaving Netflix, unless they decide to no longer offer their international access. I like “House of Cards.” I can’t watch it on HBO. But I also enjoy some content which is exclusive to HBO. If their streaming subscription service is available for those of us that travel, I’ll get it. That way if I extend my trip, I hopefully won’t have to miss out on the original broadcasts of my favorite shows. HBO and Amazon also recently announced a deal where Amazon customers will get access to HBO programming. The way I see it, this announcement takes away quite a bit from the value of that deal for Amazon.