App Shopping at the Chrome Web Store


The Google Chrome Web Store is your doorway to everything Chrome. Just like the Google Play Store and the iTunes App Store are your main entry into the world of Android and iOS apps, the Web Store is your main means of entry into the main Chrome app ecosphere.

However, instead of working on a specific mobile platform, the vast majority of the apps located here are designed as add-on, or extensions to Google’s Chrome browser.

An Introduction to the Chrome Browser

Google originally started business as a website with an excellent (better than the others) search engine that used an algorithm known as “fuzzy logic” that allowed us to use real world language in our search terms. Google’s search kicked all the others to the curb pretty quickly. The company has expanded its presence and influence greatly since then. One of these expansions of presence was the introduction of their Google Chrome web browser.

Chrome was introduced to compete mainly against Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. The competition it gave was good enough to steal a large share of IE’s market share. Not only did it load pages faster, it also had security enhancements to keep you safe while browsing.

Google Chrome has morphed to where it is almost an operating system in and of itself in that there are both add-ons, as well as apps, available to download and install from the Chrome Web Store.

Strolling Through the Google Chrome Web Store

The Chrome Web Store resembles the app stores from Apple and the Android ecosphere very closely. In the left-hand frame of the window/page, below the search field where you can enter specific terms to search for, you’ll see a list of categories that you can choose from:

  • Popular at the top
  • Recommended
  • Collections
  • Business Tools
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Games
  • More

When first arriving at the store, the main window presents you with tiled examples of featured apps and apps that are popular in your region. As you scroll down the page you’ll see boxes labeled “New and Noteworthy” and “Great Games” (Angry Birds anyone?). Under this you will find “More recommendations” and a seemingly endless listing of the available apps available.

How to Download and Install the Apps

DGoogle Chrome Web Storeownloading and installing apps from the Google store is fast and easy. The process is very similar to the app stores for Android and iOS. When you find an app you’re interested in, click on it and you’ll be asked to log in to your Google account, if you aren’t already. Once logged in, you’ll be asked if you want to add the app.

Download and Install the App Launcher to Make Access to Apps Even Easier

Normally, you have to have the Chrome browser open in order to access any of the apps from the Google Chrome Web Store that you install. However, they’re recently come out with an “app launcher” that gathers your Chrome apps in one convenient location and allows you to launch them from your desktop, instead of the browser.