6 Sites to Help You Find Good Movies on Netflix

6 Sites to Help You Find Good Movies on Netflix

Netflix is undoubtedly one of the most popular TV and movie streaming services around. The beauty of it is that you can watch your favorite shows, and some good movies on Netflix without the hassle of waiting for programming, wading through commercials or worrying about missing your show if something interrupts you. You can watch what you want, when you want, and how you want for a monthly subscription.

Netflix is can be streamed through your PC, Mac, on your smartphone or tablets, as well as other devices like PS3, Xbox and Wii. You can also buy a set-top box, like Roku or Apple TV, then use the free Netflix app to watch shows or movies.

Need Help Finding Good movies on Netflix?

The truth is, it’s sometimes difficult finding what you want, or finding something new and exciting on Netflix.

Netflix has its own recommendations list, and you can search through its movie library to no end, but to find really good movies on Netflix easily, there are some ingenious websites out there that are designed to help you separate the wheat from the chaff.

1. RottenTomatoes Netflix Filter

RottenTomatoes.com is one of the web’s most well-known movie review sites, giving movies ‘tomatometer’ scores based on aggregated critics’ reviews. Rotten Tomatoes also has a special section called the Netflix Filter just to help you find good movies on Netflix. The Netflix filter allows you to search the Netflix movie database, filtering by different categories such as genre, release date, Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) rating or tomatometer score. You can also search for movies with particular actors, or from particular directors.

Once you have found a movie, you can add it to your Netflix Instant Queue, or play it instantly through a Netflix link on the RottenTomatoes website.

2. InstantWatchDB

InstantWatchDB.com is a simple-to-use website that has lots of different ways to find good movies on Netflix. You can do a standard search filtered by genre, Netflix stars, rating, and availability or you can search the InstantWatchDB Lists. The Lists are critical countdowns of Netflix Instant movies, including List titles like AFI’s 100 Years…100 Movies, and Academy Award Best Picture Winners. You can also search the most popular movies watched in the last 48 hours and see if any of those takes your fancy.

3. Instant Watcher

Instant Watcher is encyclopedic in scope, with a huge amount of information about good movies on Netflix, and a user-friendly way to find them. You can search the site for new movies, movies expiring soon from the Netflix line, popular movies and New York Times critics’ favorites, MPAA rating, Netflix rating and RottenTomatoes rating.

Standard filtering by genre, year of release, etc., is also available, as well as search filters like world movies, worst movies, streamed in the last 5 minutes, most popular in the last 24 hours and popular people searches.

4. A Better Queue

A Better Queue is a sleek new website that combines the RottenTomatoes ratings with the Netflix instant library, so finding good movies on Netflix is not only easy, but thanks to the great design of the site, is fun. The website is set up to search in a very intuitive way with search results displayed in a Pinterest-like grid. Filters can be set according to genre, year of release and RottenTomatoes score.

5. Streaming Soon

Streaming Soon is a specialty site that lets you know what upcoming movies and TV shows will be showing on Netflix soon. You can search by shows or movies added this week, this month, or films and shows that were just added and you can also search the most popular titles currently streaming on Netflix. Although the site doesn’t allow you to filter or organize anything, being able to see a constantly-updated list of the upcoming movies on Netflix means you can set the date for the latest release.

6. WhichFlicks

WhichFlicks allows for a multi-platform search, if you want to find movies on Netflix, as well as other movie streaming sites or services like Amazon, Redbox or iTunes. The site gives easy-to-sort grid-based results, so you can see an array of search results at once. Filters allow you to search via genre, movie cast members, RottenTomatoes scores, Netflix scores and release date. You can search by which movies are expiring soon, which movies are coming soon from theaters, and by cast members.

Hopefully, this list of ways to find good movies on Netflix helps you find more great movies to add to your queue. Have you had trouble with your streaming? Here are five ways to improve your Netflix streaming, so you can truly just sit back and enjoy these great movies.


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