GoKey is More Than Just a Keychain Finder


Is a keychain finder something that you would find useful? Are you one of those people that run around the house trying to find your keys at the last second? GoKey is the answer. It will help you find your keys-and so much more. Take a walk with me and I’ll tell you more about it.

GoKey is an Indiegogo Project

Indiegogo projects are projects that someone has developed and is now looking for funding to realize the project. Instead of looking for big dollar investors, though, project owners are looking for customers to help them get their projects off the ground.

Project owners set a funding goal for the project and set up rewards, known as perks, for early funders. These perks are usually set up separate from the main project. What this usually means is that when they reach certain goals, the owners will add more features to whatever it is they are trying to make.

In the case of GoKey, they’ve already reached their funding goal. In fact, they’ve also reached the top of their extra perks funding goal, which means they’ll be adding to bonus features to all units they ship. Let’s take a look at what GoKey is capable of.

Never Lose Your Keys with GoKey Keychain Finder

First and foremost, GoKey is a device that will help to ensure that you never misplace your phone or keys again. The device pairs with your phone using Bluetooth. If you can’t locate your keys, bring up the app on your smartphone and hit “Locate” and your keys will beep. GoKey is also for those people that set their phones down and then forget where. Press the button on GoKey and your phone will beep from up to 100 feet away. However, GoKey is so much more than just a keychain finder.

GoKey Is Also a Portable Battery Charger

GoKey also has a small rechargeable battery built in that can be used to charge your phone. If you have a Windows or Android phone, you can also use the micro-USB connector on GoKey to charge other portable devices with a micro-USB connector. The battery lasts for about two hours and can be used while attached to your phone. What’s even better is that if you shake GoKey three times, an LED will light up telling you how much battery it has left by turning the LED green, orange, or red.

When the phone and GoKey are both dead, plug GoKey into a USB charging outlet and it will keep charging your phone. Once your phone’s battery is completely charged, GoKey will start charging itself. When you’re charging your phone’s battery with the GoKey, the LED turns green when your phone is fully charged and red if the GoKey battery level drops below 20 percent, alerting you it needs recharging.

It Can Also Be Used as a Sync Cable

GoKey can also be used as a sync cable, just like the one that came with your phone. This means that you can also transfer files between your phone and computer while the devices are charging. GoKey is smaller than a standard data cable for a phone. This means you can always have a charging/sync cable readily available.

I just went to a party the city I live in held for the official lighting of the city’s Christmas tree. I took so many pictures and so much video of the event in the early stages of it that I ran out of storage space on my phone’s memory card. I wasn’t able to film or even photograph the last 30 minutes of the party. To say I was upset is an understatement.

This is why I went searching for extra storage options for my phone, leading me to GoKey. Built into the device is a flash memory device like the micro-SD card you’ve got for your phone. They come in three sizes — 8 gigabyte (GB), 16 GB, and 32 GB. If I’d had one with me at the party, I’d have been able to catch the fireworks that I missed.

About Those Extra Bonuses or Perks I Mentioned

I mentioned above that the GoKey Indiegogo campaign is fully funded. In fact, the device has proven to be so popular that they have beaten their funding goal by more than 25 times. This means they’ve gained the additional funding they needed to add more functionality (stretch goals) to GoKey than originally envisioned in their first revision.

When GoKey ships, it will have the features listed above and a few more. The first stretch goal added is GPS location. Now you can find your keys even if you’re more than 100 feet away. The second stretch goal was upgrading the device to USB 3.0, giving it a much higher data transfer rate.

The third stretch goal added is a phone remote. Do you like to take selfies? The remote function of GoKey lets you set the phone down and get comfie before taking that selfie. Just press the button to snap the picture. You can also use it to play music on your phone, pause playback, or skip an song you’re not in the mood to hear.

Have you ever taken a picture and had a friend ask you to send it her? I have. With GoKey, I can transfer the picture to her phone just by plugging her phone into my GoKey. GoKey’s fourth and final stretch goal is a fully-functional file manager app that allows you to quickly and easily transfer files of all kinds between the device and a phone.

I bought the black one. Even better, they gave me a code I can give to friends and family that will garner me up to seven discounts of ten dollars each when that code is used, meaning I will hopefully get mine for free. I can’t wait until it arrives!