Giving a Cell Phone Gift This Year?

Cell Phone Gift

A cell phone gift is likely to make someone very happy, if not ecstatic this Christmas season. But what one should you buy? Should you buy them one of the new iPhones? What about the newest offerings from Samsung? Fear not, for we at Digital Landing have been busy checking them out and checking out the reviews from around the web, and I’ve compiled this piece on the cell phone articles we’ve published this past year.

What to Consider When Giving a Cell Phone Gift?

Once upon a time (about five or six years ago), brand loyalty was what mostly drove cell phone sales. True, you could buy one of those “new-fangled” phones with a camera. Additionally, you could choose from either a flip-open phone, or what I call “a brick”- the kind that didn’t need to be flipped open to use.

However, today you have to choose between three different operating systems and a plethora of brands and features. Although a little long in the tooth, this piece from Prince Alo is worth a look to help you decipher all of this.

Take a Look at Samsung Phones

Speaking of brand loyalty, I prefer Samsung for a variety of reasons. Earlier this year, Digital Landing writer Bert Markgraf put together a great piece looking at the various Samsung devices available at the time. Amanda Kondolojoy also put together a great piece to help you optimize that Samsung Galaxy purchase.

Not too long ago Samsung announced their newest product the Galaxy Gear watch. At the time of the announcement, the Gear watch was only compatible with the newest S4 and Note phones, but the company has since pushed an update to owners of S2 and S3 and earlier Note phones that enables these phones to work with the watch. Picard to Enterprise, three to beam up!

Jumping on the Apple Bandwagon?

Apple has a history of introducing one or two improvements to a current phone during the year after releasing the original device and then introducing a completely new model. They’ve followed this pattern with the iPhone 4S, which I reviewed late last year. Strangely, for Apple, the improvements for the iPhone 4 were mostly in the operating system.

Earlier this year, Apple introduced a new model that actually has two versions. These two versions are the iPhone 5c, which is an entry-level offering of the higher-priced iPhone 5s.

I published a review of the iPhone 5 (both versions) a couple of months ago, that I hope will prove helpful in determining if it’s the phone for you or not. Late last year, when I first started hearing murmurs of the iPhone 5, I put together a piece that walked the reader through some of the new features that were introduced. For my iPhone owner readers, Tyler Lacoma put together a great piece that I sure to help you with that bane of every cell phone owner-battery life and how to increase it.

A Quick Look at Some Other Brands

“But Mike, what about BlackBerry? Apple and Samsung aren’t the only phone makers, you know.” BlackBerry is quietly the most popular brand of phone with corporate network managers because of their management console and the strength of the network security features built into the phone. For this reason, I noted late last year that the BlackBerry Torch was one of the highest-rated phones in Internet reviews.

Accessorize Your Cell Phone Gift

Nothing says “Happy Holidays” like the right accessories for your loved ones’ new cell phone. If said person is a driver and has an “older” (older here means not BlueTooth-equipped) car, they’re going to need a headset so they can be legal and safe while driving. Not long ago I put together a piece with the help of my friends on Facebook about the best BlueTooth headsets on the market. I posted polls in a couple of my groups and then wrote up the winning devices.

If you’ve got questions about other cell phone accessories or other brands or models of cell phones, just drop me a line in the comments section and I’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible. Happy Holidays everyone!

Photo Credit: Jeff Howard