Getting to Know TWC (Time Warner Cable)

Time Warner Cable

The advent of Cable TV actually occurred in the 1940s. Some enterprising entrepreneurs gave rise to the first ever cable television systems in the United Sates by making use of Army-surplus coaxial cable, as well as simple antennas. This revolutionized the entire process of Americans watching television. As a further step, Time Warner Cable (or TWC, as many refer to them) took this further around 60 years later and it went on to become America’s second largest cable provider.

As of now Time Warner Cable holds, as well as manages, highly advanced and well clustered Cable TV systems all over the continental United States. The company offers the very latest in digital technology, a wide range of home entertainment, information options that the entire family can enjoy, along with excellent service, thus demonstrating that customer satisfaction is the company’s principal priority.

To advance to this level of expertise, Time Warner Cable has traversed a long way, moving past scores of milestones. It has a lengthy history of headship within the Cable TV industry. It was always ahead of the competition with such technical innovations as the utilization of fiber optics, something that has considerably helped in the development and expansion of their Cable TV products and services.

TWC’s reach

At present, Time Warner Cable remains one of the largest suppliers of high quality video, high-speed data and telephone services across the U.S, linking around 15 million customers in information, entertainment, and with each other. TWC Business Class provides video, data and phone services to all kinds of businesses, cell-tower services to several wireless carriers, and by means of its NaviSite subsidiary, Managed Application, Enterprise-class Hosting, Cloud Services and Messaging. Its advertising unit, Time Warner Cable Media, offers local, regional and national companies groundbreaking advertising solutions.

The operations of Time Warner Cable TV serves subscribers in as much as 29 states comprising Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia and Wisconsin. And to serve the millions of customers inhabiting these states, the company employs no less than 50,000 employees.

Apart from this, Time Warner Cable provides its customers with local news TV channels in the states of North Carolina, New York and Texas, by offering them content that is exclusively targeted to their respective community concerns and interests.

Recognition comes to TWC

In appreciation of these singular services, TWC became the first ever Cable TV company to receive the Emmy Engineering Award for Outstanding Achievement in Technological Development. This coveted award recognized for all time, the company’s groundbreaking operations in utilizing fiber optics technology to broadcast broadband signals. It was this development alone that enabled the union of Cable TV, computer and telephone services. Since then, the company was bestowed with three more Emmy Awards, in the fields of Video-On-Demand, Start Over and later in 2011, Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development for the Full-Service Network.

Customer base

  • 12.3 million home video subscribers
  • 10.7 million High Speed Internet services to home customers and an ever increasing number of business subscribers
  • 4.9 million Home Phone customers
  • 9.3 million Double & Triple play customers
  • 15.3 million customer relationships

TWC packages

You can bundle Cable TV services, Internet and Home Phone in a low-cost bundle. This is totally hassle-free and you can lean back on your couch, unwind and enjoy home entertainment and communication solutions at very low rates. You only have to pay your monthly bill once for all the packages combined. Glance through the different bundles and choose the package which provides the services you really need. This is convenient as well as affordable. With bundles, you can make big savings on the three services. Enter your street address in the top-right corner of this page to see which deals are available in your area.

Parental control

It is always difficult to go for the right choices when it is a matter of choosing the appropriate TV channels or websites for your kids. TWC is aware of the challenges that concerned parents encounter every day, by trying to check what the kids are watching. Introducing websites like, and, the company is interested in bringing you the latest resources, so that you can keep the whole family from watching inappropriate content. Under the circumstances, it has developed a unique method of Parental Controls, which is user friendly and without additional cost.