Getting Internet After a Move


Moving your home to another city or state usually requires a long to-do list that needs to be followed closely for a smooth relocation. Checking out moving services, getting utilities turned on, and maybe even finding a new job all takes time and effort. Getting Internet after a move is just another bulletpoint on your task list, but thankfully, many Internet service providers try to make the process easier.

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If you are lucky enough to be moving to an area where the competition between different ISPs is fierce, expect to be able to save money when getting service, especially if you bundle it with Home Phone and Digital TV packages. Even if the local Internet marketplace is a monopoly, most, if not all, providers offer programs to make transferring service or getting new service easy. Let’s take a closer look at some of the relocation packages from a few ISP giants.

Check out our Internet deals page to find the best prices from ISPs currently doing business in your new location. Remember that bundling services usually results in the best cost savings for your family. Try to time things out so your installation date happens only a day or two after you move in. Going without Internet in a new city can hamper your ability to find a new job or even order pizza online!

Let’s take a look at some larger ISPs and how they handle Internet account transfer to a new city.

Comcast and XFINITY Offer Easy Service Account Transfer

The telecommunications giant, Comcast, uses the XFINITY brand for its Internet service offering. The company calls its service transfer product, XFINITY Movers Edge, which makes it easy to transfer a wide range of Comcast products, including Internet. Options exist for both current and new subscribers, with the latter having the option to bundle Internet with Cable TV and Home Phone service at a significant discount.

If you are already an existing Comcast XFINITY customer and other ISPs are located in your new location, mention that fact to the Comcast customer service rep to see if they will match any deal offered by their competitors. It never hurts to ask, and your cost savings can be quite large. Make sure you look at the fine print if you have to sign a new two-year contract with either Comcast or your new ISP.

Time Warner Cable Offers My Move support

With the potential merger between Comcast and Time Warner Cable still awaiting regulatory approval, the latter company still provides their customers with a convenient option to help transfer an Internet service account after relocation. TWC My Move offers both existing customers and potential new subscribers a similar deal as Comcast XFINITY Movers Edge: a seamless transition in the case of the former or the potential of bundle-driven cost savings in the latter scenario.

As mentioned earlier, if you are already an existing TWC customer and you are moving to an area with robust competition between ISPs, try to get a deal from your Time Warner customer representative. In many cases, customer retention is a high priority for ISPs so you’ll get the chance to save some real money, especially if you decide on a bundle with Home Phone and Digital TV.

My Move offers customers free installation service and a one-hour appointment window — the latter being especially valuable considering the general craziness of moving time. In another similarity with Movers Edge, you’ll also have a dedicated moving specialist to help manage the transition and deal with any problems should they arise.

Charter Communications Mover Resource

Charter Communications offers customers a simple three-step process to transfer the Internet service of their existing customers. The company provides a Mover Resource to answer any questions you may have about the move process. The resource page also provides convenient links to information on moving: including tips and tricks, FAQs, and a customizable calendar to allow you to keep track of important dates during your relocation.

No matter your Internet service provider, getting Internet after a move is an easy process. ISPs want your business, so make sure to negotiate to get the best possible deal on a bundle, especially if you are moving to an area with multiple quality providers. You’ll find yourself online again in no time!

Photo Credit: Ian Westcott