Get TV, Internet, Phone From Mediacom Cable

Get TV, Internet and Phone from Mediacom Cable

Mediacom Cable offers digital broadband service plans that everyone will enjoy. Whether you want to connect to the Internet at blazing speeds to surf the web, chat with friends and family members locally or around the world, or simply enjoy all your favorite TV shows and movies, Mediacom has a plan just for you.

Mediacom Cable TV Offers Quality Viewing

Consumers looking for quality broadband Cable TV that is backed by 24/7 customer support, as well as a 90-day money-back guarantee, will enjoy Mediacom Cable Prime TV. Digital viewing offers clear, crisp images for more than 165 channels. Sit back and enjoy the extras at no additional cost, which includes On Demand programming, high-definition (HD) channels and an on-screen Guide. You can order the DVR service to build a library of all your favorite TV entertainment shows and movies for later viewing and enjoyment!

Mediacom Cable On Demand lets you catch up on more than 10,000 hours of entertainment programs each month. Features include access to a variety of programs, such as Kids On Demand, Sports & Fitness, Home & Leisure, Science & Nature and much more. The services offered through On Demand are all part of Mediacom Cable Prime TV. You can also choose to upgrade your services through Subscription On Demand or Premium On Demand. With Mediacom’s Prime TV, enjoyment and variety awaits you!

Your options for discovering and exploring what’s on TV are endless with Mediacom’s TVEverywhere. Consumers use their Mediacom ID to enjoy live streaming of TV entertainment, no matter where their travels may take them. Mediacom’s TVEverywhere lets you watch your favorites from a supported mobile device, such as a desktop computer or a laptop.

Surf the Web at Full Throttle!

Are you tired of waiting for your slow Internet connection to hook you up to the web? Search no further, as Mediacom Cable Internet will get you there in the blink of an eye! Mediacom Internet uses advanced technology to get you where you want to go much faster without waiting in any long lines.

Mediacom Cable

When you sign up for Mediacom Cable Broadband Internet, you will get fast service as well as security tools to help protect you, while surfing the web. Around-the-clock customer service support will back you up 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. Features include Wi-Fi for those looking for home networking options to share access with family members.

As an added bonus, Wi-Fi will let you and your family all get on their computers and link to the Internet to download your favorite photos or music, browse and shop, play games or connect to Netflix to watch your favorite movies. Mediacom will provide you and your family with a wireless router, so that everyone can share, connect and enjoy all at once and together!

Mediacom Cable Internet services come with added protection and peace of mind. The Total Defense Internet Security Suite is included in the service plan free of charge and at no added cost. Firewall protection and applications for parental control and anti-phishing safeguard your privacy. This security tool will protect you and your family members from online threats such as viruses, spam, spyware and hackers while browsing and surfing the Web.

Mediacom Phone Lets You Chat Locally or Nationwide

Mediacom Home Phone offers you unlimited talk time with your friends and family members, both locally and nationwide. There are no outrageous rates on your phone bill each month no matter how long you talk and chat with others. An abundance of bonus features are included at no additional cost that new customers are sure to enjoy.

If you need to make a conference call, Mediacomphone service offers three-way calling. When you are chatting with a friend, but are expecting an important phone call, you will enjoy the feature of call waiting to alert you that someone is trying to contact you. Other perks that you will enjoy with Mediacom’s phone service includes call forwarding, caller ID, anonymous call rejection, speed dialing, do not disturb and much more.

Customers can choose from Mediacom’s Mobile WorldPlan or the Landline WorldPlan. Designed for those that need a service for international calls, the WorldPlan includes 250 monthly minutes that you can use for making calls to others in 86 countries around the world. This service is good for contacting both mobile and landline phone numbers across the globe.

Mediacom’s Landline WorldPlan is a great option for those customers that need a service for international calls to others that are using landline phones. This service also offers customers 250 minutes of talk time per month, reaching out to over 86 countries around the world.

Support and service is available to Mediacom Cable phone customers around the clock. No matter what time of day or night, customer assistance and help is there to handle any questions or problems. Additional support options include online website customer support through Mediacom’s convenient portal that provides answers and solutions to often asked questions.

When you sign up for Mediacom’s phone service, you have the option of keeping your current phone number or choosing a new phone number. Mediacom will do all the hard work for you, which includes getting in touch with your present phone service provider to let them know you will be switching services. Make sure that you check for availability of services in your area by using Digital Landing’s service locator and entering your street address on Digital Landing to track down the best deals.