Get Smart: Connected Home Automation with Logitech Harmony Products


If you are searching for a product that will provide you with the power and control to remotely monitor multiple home automation and entertainment systems, then Logitech Harmony products fit the bill. Intelligent and innovative design features of Harmony products, which work in conjunction with an easily downloaded Harmony App, include compatibility with more than 270,000 devices. This extensive range provides more flexibility for customization, making it a great choice for consumers seeking to get Smart Connected Home Automation within their households. Options include the Harmony Ultimate Home, Harmony Home Control, and the Harmony Home Hub.

Highlights of Harmony Ultimate Home

Logitech’s Harmony Ultimate Home package is the company’s top-of-line product that comes with all the bells and whistles, and then some. If you are looking for complete control for home automation and entertainment that gives you power to monitor up to 15 home device systems, then Harmony Ultimate Home is the right choice.

Some of the amazing things you can remotely control with the Harmony Ultimate Home system include smart devices such as the Nest thermostat as well as smart door locks. You also can use the system to remotely control your favorite streaming media devices such as Roku or Apple TV. Other examples provided on Logitech’s website include your gaming console, cable TV box, Blu-ray player, and much more.

The remote control included with Harmony Ultimate Home includes a 2.4″ brilliant, color touch screen. The package includes the upgraded remote control, the Harmony Home Hub unit, a charging station, a USB cable, 2 AC adapters, and a user’s guide. At a reasonable price of $349.99, the Harmony Ultimate Home is a good choice for those consumers that have numerous smart devices and remote systems they want to remotely monitor and control.

Features and Perks of Harmony Home Control

The Harmony Home Control package is another great option and includes most of the same features of Harmony Ultimate Home. Some notable differences include being able to control only up to 8 home remotes instead of 15. The remote handheld device provides you with all the necessary buttons and controls but without the color, touch screen that comes standard with the higher-end Harmony Ultimate Home model.

You get dedicated control buttons with the Harmony Home Control remote that provides you with the capability to monitor and control up to four household devices or groupings of devices. Another unique feature of the Harmony Home Control remote is the activities button that lets you personally customize six of your favorites based on your preference for multiple remotely controlled compatible devices.

Available in your choice of white or black, the Harmony Home Control remote is lightweight, slim and easy to use. The cost of the Harmony Home Control package is reasonable at $149.99, and includes the Harmony Home Hub unit in addition to the remote control along with a charging station, AC adapters, a USB cable, and a user’s guide.

Connected Home with the Harmony Home Hub

The Harmony Home Hub is the least expensive option for consumers at only $99.99. This is a great choice if you want to use your own smartphone or other compatible mobile device such as a tablet for remote control purposes. You basically get the same perks and features in being able to have control for up to 8 home devices or smart systems but you will be using your own mobile device instead of a Harmony handheld remote to control your various entertainment and automation devices and systems.

The Harmony Home Hub device works in conjunction with Bluetooth Smart technology and Wi-Fi on compatible Android or iOS devices. Included with the package during purchase are the Harmony Home Hub unit, an IR Mini Blaster, a USB cable, an AC adapter, and a user’s guide. There is a 1-year limited hardware warranty with all the Harmony products.

Consumers will appreciate the support and “getting started” page that provides a detailed overview and guidance to help in setting up the Harmony Home Hub system after purchase. Logitech also provides consumers with online Quick Starting Guides that can be quickly downloaded as PDF documents for later reference and problem solving for all Harmony connected home products.

Harmony Home Hub Extended Coming Soon

Logitech is currently working on the development of the Harmony Home Hub Extender. As noted on their website, the soon to be available Hub Extender will provide consumers with the capability to integrate with ZigBee and Z-Wave Plus device systems for enhanced options for connected home automation monitoring and control.