Get Mobile Charging and Tracking from a State-of-the-Art Suitcase


The Bluesmart Connected Carry-On is no ordinary piece of luggage. With the ability to do much more than just carry your belongings, this product is intelligent as well as innovative in its design and capabilities. This carry-on will keep you connected and provide all your devices with a mobile charging station while providing built-in protection, tracking and proximity notifications.

Intelligent Luggage Offers Travelers Great Perks

Using advanced technology, this smart piece of luggage offers travelers some fantastic features that make it stand out from your typical suitcase. Capabilities of the Bluesmart Connected Carry-On include the following 8 great features that users will enjoy and appreciate while being mobile and on-the-go.

1. Digitally Controlled Lock

Compatible with both Android and iOS systems, the Bluesmart Carry-On works with an easily downloaded app. Use your Smartphone to unlock and lock the Bluesmart and share access with only those individuals that you trust. You will automatically receive a notification on your smartphone when an attempt is made to unlock and open the suitcase. The creators of the Bluesmart Connected Carry-On went that extra step to ensure that the digitally controlled lock is approved and accepted by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

2. Location Tracking

Many travelers have at some point in their lives experienced the dread of a misplaced piece of luggage while on a trip. The Bluesmart Connected Carry-On offers location tracking to help you pinpoint the exact geographic location of the suitcase. With its network capability to track your Bluesmart Carry-On around the globe, there is no need for stressful worrying. Location tracking can be enabled using the downloaded app on your smartphone or on the Bluesmart website.

3. Trip Data Tracking

The Bluesmart Connected Carry-On will provide you with access to current reports as well as travel trends and data. Use the Bluesmart app to check out how many miles you have traveled, and all the countries you have explored and visited. Data is available in real time so you can view the stats from all your travel excursions and even share the information with family members and friends.

4. Battery Charger

sThe mobile charging feature is the highlight of the Bluesmart Connected Carry-On. The battery charger packs a lot of power so you can actually hook up two mobile devices simultaneously to give them both a boost. The creators of this smart suitcase boast that the charging unit has the capability to “recharge your Smartphone six times over.” With the Bluesmart suitcase in tow, there will be no need to frantically search for a mobile charging station while traveling or on trips when your mobile devices are running low on juice and need a recharge.

5. Built-In Digital Scale

Weighing in your luggage while in line at the airport is part of the screening and boarding process and one that all travelers are familiar with. When it comes time to checking your bag, let the Bluesmart Connected Carry-On do all the work for you. With its innovative built-in digital scale, the suitcase will automatically let you know if the weight of the contents meet the approval guidelines set forth by the airline. Used in conjunction with the downloaded app on your smartphone, when you pull the handle the app will notify you and let you know if all is well and you can proceed.

6. Proximity Notifications

The Bluesmart Carry-On uses the advanced technology of proximity sensors to provide users with distance alerts when separated from the suitcase. The app on your smartphone will send you notifications and help you track the location of your Bluesmart using a proximity heat map. The information within the alert will also include data relative to its most recently recorded location.

7. Easily Expose to Security

Airport security checks while boarding your flight are time consuming, and most travelers will agree that they are a hassle, to say the least. Waiting in long lines while airline security staff goes through and checks everyone’s luggage seems to take forever. Bluesmart was designed to help make the process faster and less stressful. The suitcase has a special compartment strategically placed within the front area for you to store your mobile devices during travel, so accessing them during a security check will be quick and easy.

8. Protect Your Devices

The Bluesmart Connected Carry-On is a high quality product made with 3 layers of strong, protective polycarbonate. How many suitcase manufacturers other than Bluesmart design their products with waterproof zippers that have a polyurethane covering? Travelers that want a lightweight suitcase that they do not have to carry will appreciate the 4 hubless spinner wheels that make pulling the suitcase easy and effortless.

Bluesmart Connected Carry-On Mobile Charging

This cool piece of luggage has successfully been promoted on Indiegogo during the last quarter of 2014. At the time of this article, Bluesmart had already surpassed their targeted goal of $50,000 and had received financial support in the amount of $1,781,145.

The company will be working on the pre-production phases of the product during the next several months. This timeline includes engineering and tooling, software development, pilot production, quality assurance, and more through the early summer of 2015.

Availability and shipment of the product is scheduled for July 2015. Consumers eager to purchase a Bluesmart Connected Carry-On can pre-order one directly from the company’s website.