Get Home Automation Sprinkler Control with the Blossom Smart Watering System


The Blossom Smart Watering System works with intelligent weather data to provide consumers with Home Automation Sprinkler Control for their lawns, plants, and flowers in 12 growing zones. Blossom continually monitors real-time forecasts to give you an individualized watering schedule while helping you save money at the same time.

Home Automation Sprinkler Control Benefits

This innovative device offers a great set of features and perks that will make any homeowner happy.

1. Save up to 30% on Your Water Bill

Most consumers today rely on the traditional method of simply turning on their lawn sprinklers and letting them run all day in order to provide moisture to their lawns and plants. This method not only wastes water but also costs more in the long run when it comes to the monthly water bill. Considering that some regions are experiencing long term droughts, a better approach would be to use a system that conserves water while putting some money back in your wallet. The Blossom system relies on advanced home automation sprinkler control technology that works in conjunction with real-time smart weather data in order to reduce your water bill costs up to 30%.

2. Get Mobile Monitoring and Control

Take advantage of the convenience of using your smartphone or Tablet to download the Blossom app for mobile monitoring and control. Once you install the device you can access it from any location to schedule smart watering for your lawn and all your plants, flowers and other vegetation. The system allows you to create a custom designed schedule to meet your needs and the specific requirements for your growing zone. Set up the exact periods during the day and evening when you want to provide moisture to your vegetation, while designating specific start and end times for scheduled watering. The Blossom app is compatible with iOS, Android, and desktop systems.

3. Xona Technology Provides Individualized Watering Plans

Blossom’s Xona Technology was designed to work in multiple growing regions, so consumers need not worry about compatibility of the device to meet the requirements for their area. The device is able to assess the unique data for growing vegetation requirements within 12 watering zones. Regardless of whether you live in a warmer region with endless sunshine or within a colder northern climate, Blossom utilizes data to meet the growing requirements of many types of plants, flowers and vegetation. Blossom will work with various types of sprinkler systems and provide you with a custom schedule for watering your vegetation to provide just the right amount of moisture without over saturation.

4. Blossom Uses Real-Time Intelligent Weather Data

Blossom gathers real-time weather data from various sources including satellites and meteorologists, as well as locally sourced forecasts. Using networked cloud technology to collect the weather data, Blossom is capable of consistently making changes to the watering schedule for your area based on current weather conditions and the amount of precipitation that is available for your vegetation. The creators of Blossom are always working on further developing the device’s algorithm so that it can adapt and meet the changing growing needs for your plants, flowers, and lawn.

5. Powerline Plus Wi-Fi Extends Range

Blossom harnesses the power produced by your electrical outlets by using them for Internet connections to boost the device’s range in conjunction with Wi-Fi. When combined, Wi-Fi plus Powerline helps to extend the range of Blossom, which is important considering that the device is installed outside of the consumer’s home and generally a distance away from networking systems set up indoors. Powerline works to keep you continually connected to real-time weather data so that Blossom can do its job of maintaining the perfect watering schedule.

6. Blossom Designed for both Indoor and Outdoor Use

Not all smart watering systems were designed for outdoor usage. Considering that the device has the responsibility of maintaining a watering schedule for your lawn, plants, flowers and other vegetation, it just makes sense that the unit should be able to withstand the ever changing elements of outdoor weather conditions. Blossom is approved to meet the stringent guidelines of IP54 standards that include protection from water and dust. The unit has a built-in, illuminated sprinkler signal so that users can monitor activity when in use.

Technical Specifications of the Blossom Watering System

The Blossom Home Automation Sprinkler Control system measures in at 8.75 inches wide by 8.75 inches in height and 2.26 inches in depth. Weighing in at only 4.49 lbs. the device is designed to work in 12 watering zones and is compatible with multiple types of vegetation in meeting their growing and watering requirements.

The unit has a master valve and the power input is based on 120 VAC with a station output of 24 VAC. The pump master valve is rated at 24 VAC/0.25A. Operating temperature can handle ranges of 0 degrees Fahrenheit up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit.

Blossom’s capabilities extend to collecting real-time weather intelligence data, and the unit is rated for both outdoor use as well as indoor use. The device works in conjunction with a downloaded app that is compatible with iOS and Android systems. Desktop control is available with a Web app.

Availability of the Blossom Watering System for Purchase

The Blossom Smart Watering Controller was successfully funded through Kickstarter on December 17, 2014. With the support of 847 backers, Blossom’s campaign received financial pledges in the amount of $102,600. Blossom is currently offering a promotional savings of $50 off the regular price of $199 until January 31, 2015. Consumers can pre-order Blossom now for only $149 per unit with shipment scheduled for March 2015.