Get Discounts on Time Warner Cable Now

Discounts on Time Warner Cable

If you want to keep your Cable TV, but don’t want to pay the high bills, don’t despair there are ways to lower your bill without compromising your service. You can actually get discounts on Time Warner cable with these easy tricks.

In a world of rising cable prices, raising taxes and an insecure job market, it can feel like you have no choice but to drop your Cable TV or at least take one of the Internet-only options. The problem with dropping your cable is that you will suddenly lose access to a variety of things you have come to rely on.

You lose your weather and news stations, as well as your nightly entertainment. You might be able to pick up a few stations with an antenna, but you wont have nearly the selection and any shows that are available on the Internet won’t be there for at least 24 hours. By the time you see them, your friends would have told you all about them.

Do Your Research

When you are looking for discounts on Time Warner Cable, start by looking around and comparing it to other local packages, sometimes just mentioning their rate will get you a discount.

If you look around, it’s likely that you can find other offers in your area that you didn’t even know about. Examine all the discounts available for both new and continuing customers. This includes tracking feature offers, such as rates for Showtime and HBO. Remember to look at High Speed Internet services and bundled packages.

Begin the Negotiations

Call your provider and ask about discounts. Make sure to talk to the right person. A manager has more authority to offer you a deal than the average customer service agent. At Comcast there is a special staff member called a “Retention Specialist.” If you are an existing customer — threaten to cancel your service. In fact, be prepared to cancel your service and switch to another provider if your requests are not met.

When you are offered a new package it’s time to consider the add-ons. Make sure you aren’t purchasing back the discounts you just obtained through add-on features such as an unwanted cable box or set of channels that you never use. These tactics may not work the first time around, but that’s okay. Persistence often pays off — just “try and try again.”

Little Known Discounts on Time Warner Cable?

Many discounts are out there and providers are more than happy to offer them — you just never asked. Look for discounts on Time Warner Cable with some of these common options:

Military Discounts: While not usually offered directly through your cable provider, there are many groups and websites ready to provide discounts for those who serve. One example is Veterans Advantage, who negotiated with some Cable TV and Satellite TV providers to get a membership discount on certain NFL packages.

Senior Discounts: Discounts for senior citizens are common and vary from state to state and city to city. While these discounts are commonly small, they are usually easy to get and can be associated with those 65 and older, on Medicaid, or receiving Social Security benefits.

AAA Discounts: Not just for travel anymore, triple has great benefits locally. AAA has a history of established discounts with providers such as DISH TV on items, such as DVRs and NFL Sunday ticket.

Student Discounts: Student discounts are the most common discount offered by cable providers. Usually proof of student status is required through a student ID or valid email address.

Membership Discounts: If you are a legion member, AARP, Masonic, Lions Club, etc, check and see if your group has worked out a deal for discounts on Time Warner Cable. Sometimes it is the head office that has worked it out, and other times it is your local group. It never hurts to ask.

With so many available discounts, it is important to remember that these options vary. Be aware of when promotional rates expire or if opportunities are limited to a certain municipality or state.

Some discounts will only apply to certain packages. Don’t cancel your service, even if you don’t like it, until you have another option available. The cable industry is growing and competition will continue to increase. Whether now or in the future, the power is in your hands to negotiate for the deal you want, and obtain your discounts on Time Warner cable.

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