How to Legally Get Apps for Free


Everyone who owns an Apple mobile product knows about apps. Some are games, some are just for entertainment and a few of them are even useful — and some apps even help you save money. The problem is that a lot of the good apps cost money and with over 500 million apps currently available, that is a lot of money you could be spending. Fortunately, there’s a way to get many of those apps for free.

Ways to Get Paid Apps For Free

You don’t have to jailbreak your phone, change your identity or become an infamous hacker to get some apps for free. You can do it legally!

Free my Apps

Free my Apps is a popular application that really can get you paid apps for free. You earn credits by downloading select free applications from their offer wall and taking them for a brief test drive. When you are done with the test you can either keep the app or delete it, either way you just earned credits for doing almost nothing. In order to earn your free credits, you must open the program within 48 hours of the download.

You do this a few times and stockpile your credits, which can then be exchanged for an iTunes card. The iTunes card can then be used for the applications that you really want, but didn’t want to shell out money for. It does take a few applications to earn enough credits for an iTunes card, but in the meantime you might have picked up a few free apps that you actually like.

If there isn’t really an app that you want to purchase, then the cool thing is that you can also exchange your points for a variety of other gift cards such as Amazon, Hulu Plus, Google Play and Fandango.

On average, each download will earn you about 200 points, so it doesn’t really take long to earn enough credits for a few dollars in app credits. If however; you want to cash those credits in for a large purchase from Amazon, it may take you a while. The Free My Apps offer wall is very limited on their offerings, but it does change. Some offers are very limited so you need to check back often.

You can also use the social sharing option to potentially earn thousands of credits. You are assigned an affiliate link so that you can invite your Facebook friends, Twitter followers or blog readers to join Free my Apps. Every time someone uses your link to join and they take advantage of an offer, you will be awarded more credits. This is the fastest way to build credit towards your free apps.

The Free my Apps application is a great way to earn some free apps for other stuff, but there are a few drawbacks;

  • The offer wall is limited, meaning that you can only earn a low number of credits by downloading apps. This is easily remedied by sharing your affiliate link and getting others to sign up and use the service.
  • Gift cards are digital only, so you need to be sure that you have the number down correctly when you obtain it. A screen shot is a great way to do it, they will also email it to you, but emails can go missing or be accidentally deleted, be safe and make sure you have a copy before you close out the screen.
  • Free my Apps has a “no refund” policy. Once you redeem your credits, you’re stuck with your decision, so make sure that you are choosing what you want when you redeem the credits.

Other Programs to Earn Free Apps

Another very similar application is Tapporo. The steps are very similar to Free my Apps, but it calls the virtual currency Oros. Along with an offer wall full of apps, the Tapporo application also gives you the chance to watch videos for points, or even enter a free drawing.

What makes this better than Free My Apps is that your Oros can redeemed for cash. You simply exchange them and they deposit money into your Paypal account. Tapporo can also be used to redeem Amazon gift cards or even an iPhone.

Feature Points is basically the same and will also let you redeem the points for money. You will be rewarded for your time by simply trying out a few new apps, most of which you’ll probably like. You can get an affiliate link, which will earn you up to 50 percent of the points earned by your referral.

The downside of apps like Feature Points and Tapporo, especially if you are looking at them as money makers, is that it takes a long time to generate any revenue. To make any money on this, you would be making substantially less than minimum wage. The upside of these programs is that they’re a great way to try out new apps and you get paid for it, which is something most of us would do for free anyhow.

Photo Credit: ChrisPhoto