The Key to GE Universal Remote Codes

The Key to GE Universal Remote

There are many GE Universal Remote Codes, each corresponding to a particular device being controlled by the remote. This abundance of different codes enables users of GE universal remotes to associate their GE Universal Remote with a wide array of devices, from TVs, DVD and Blu-Ray players, and VCRs, and more. However, the number of devices and remotes out there can make finding the right code to control your device a time-consuming task, especially if you’ve lost the manual with from your remote with those all-important codes.

Wait, What is a Universal Remote?

Universal remote controllers were first patented by Phillips in 1985 under the Magnavox brand name. The idea behind these remotes was that one remote could be programmed to operate various electronics or could replace a lost or broken remote for much less than a new remote would cost.

These days, higher-end remotes can operate a wide variety of electronics—even your stereo!—and even the remotes that come with some devices are universal-able to be programmed for other devices. For example, take your Comcast digital cable remote.

It’s programmed automatically to your cable box, but you can also program it to operate your TV. I was able to program the remote that came with my Pioneer surround sound system to control everything in my home theater system-TV, stereo, VCR, DVD/Blu-Ray, and Cable box.

How to Program Your Universal Remote

Before we even get started on the various GE Universal Remote Codes, first we’ll cover how to program your remote. Luckily, this is a pretty easy process and only requires a few steps

  1. Turn on the device you need to program the remote for.
  2. Press the “SETUP” or “CODE SEARCH” button and hold it until the red indicator light comes on.
  3. Press and release the button for the device you want to program (AUX, TV, etc.) The indicator light will blink once, and then remain lit.
  4. Enter the code that is specified for your device; this will be a three or four digit code. Once you have entered it properly, the indicator light will switch off.
  5. Aim your remote at your device and press the “POWER” button. Since devices are listed only by brand and not model number, you may need to do this a few times to get the right code.

It’s that easy! With the proper code entered into your remote, your device should be working perfectly now, so let’s move onto codes. After all, you do need to know your codes if you want to program your remote properly.

GE Universal Remote Codes

Naturally, your choice for electronic brands and devices is endless and therefore there is a rather long list for GE Universal Remote Codes. Some are a bit obscure and can be harder to find—especially if you have an older model—but there are several that are popular and can be easily located.

For TVs, these include some of the following:

  • Panasonic: 0062, 0204, 00184, 0208, 0205, 0206, 0207, 0004, 0189, 0183, 0199, 0200
  • JVC: 0060, 0026, 0197, 0069, 0242, 0923, 0012, 0065, 0067, 0141
  • LG: 0004, 0050, 0009, 0005, 0227, 0338, 0012, 00057, 00080, 0156

For DVD players:

  • GE: 0409, 0430
  • Kenwood:0400, 0429
  • Coby: 0926, 0946, 0947, 0916, 0445, 0928, 0894

Lastly, for CD players:

  • Pioneer: 0678, 0701, 0702, 0719, 0750, 0795, 0844, 0873, 0874
  • JVC: 0682, 0813
  • Bose: 0672

Of course, there is an endless list of codes for your various systems and therefore we can’t list all of them, but these are some of the more popular ones. There are many websites dedicated solely to helping you find codes, such as and

Can’t Find Your Code?

Sometimes, it happens. You search the web endlessly, but you can’t find your particular remote or device. You search your house, but you can’t find the manual or maybe the remote and/or device came without one. What do you do then? Are you out of luck? Are you doomed to have to buy another remote entirely?

Worry not! Even if you can’t find your particular code, the GE Universal Remote Codes can still be found. You see, universal remotes have this handy feature built in known as “CODE SEARCH,” which will cycle through its internal memory bank of codes.

Although, it can be tedious and a lot of button-pushing, it’s an easy process, and you can have your code found and your remote working in just a few simple steps:

1. Turn on the device you wish to program.

2. Press and hold the “SETUP” or “CODE SEARCH” button until the indicator light turns on.

  1. Press and release the button for the device you want to program (AUX, TV, etc) The indicator light will blink once, then remain on.
  2. Press and release the “POWER” button. You want to keep doing this until your device powers off, but remember to wait two seconds between each try!
  3. After the device has turned off, press the “SAVE” or “ENTER” button. This should turn the indicator light off.

The only downside to this method is that you may very well have to sit there and press the “POWER” button up to 250 times before you find the right code! This can be an awfully long amount of time, especially with the two second delay between pressing the button, so always be certain to search for your code via the Internet or your manual (if you have it) before going this route.

GE universal remotes are handy, affordable, and easy to use. Buy one, and replace that pile of remotes on your coffee table with one remote to control everything!