Frontier Secure Antivirus: Stay Safe!


Frontier Secure Antivirus is Frontier’s latest upgrade to their antivirus product. Anyone who owns a computer with Internet capabilities knows how important it is to have complete antivirus protection. Identity theft and other forms of Internet crimes are becoming more and more common.

For this reason, it definitely pays to be safe rather than sorry later on down the line. Secure Antivirus is from Frontier Security, which most computer users will know as F-Secure.

What to Look For In Antivirus Software

Because of how important having a secure online connection is, there are many things that you need to consider when looking for your next antivirus program. A few of those things include identity protection, technical support for when you have problems, computer security in the form of a firewall, backup, and sharing. One failing of many antivirus products is that they have what we call an oversized footprint. This means they take up too many system resources and tend to slow the computer down significantly.

The best possible antivirus would have all of those things, which would mean that you have all the components of basic protection that you need in order to safely browse the Internet. One of the few products that offer this level of protection is Frontier Secure Antivirus.

The Frontier Secure Antivirus Basics

Technical Support: This service equips you with a lifeline that you can use in order to have your questions answered 24 hours a day and seven days a week. If you ever have any trouble, you can call their customer service number. Frontier also offers a chat support option.

Firewall: A firewall acts like a lock on the doors leading to your computer. If the proper key/credentials aren’t presented, then access to your computer is denied. The Frontier Secure Antivirus firewall also provides you with protection against identity theft.

Automatic Updates: These updates ensure that during your license period, you always have the highest level of security and virus protection possible. Just as Windows Update works in the background to keep your Windows computer up to date, Frontier’s automatic updates feature automatically downloads both version updates (to the detection engine) and virus definition updates — since virus developers never stop, Frontier Secure engineers don’t stop working.

Protection against exploits: Exploits are weaknesses in software that can allow people with malicious intent to gain access to your computer. Frontier Secure has what they call DeepGuard which is comprehensive protection against this weakness.

Increase Your Level of Protection with Frontier Security Internet Security

The level of security that is delivered by Frontier Security Antivirus is commendable and will allow you to browse the web without constantly worrying about your computer’s security and integrity. However, sometimes this isn’t enough and Frontier realizes this. That’s why they’ve also made their Internet Security product available and included the following enhancements above and beyond their antivirus product.

Banking Protection: This is a biggie because the “bad guys” are constantly trying to steal our banking information. Understandably, there isn’t much information regarding this, but it is session-based, meaning that it activates when a banking session is initiated to protect your vital information and deactivates when the session ends, so your computer doesn’t slow down.

Facebook Safe Profile: For those who don’t believe that Facebook security settings go far enough, Safe Profile ensures that only those you want seeing your profile and information on Facebook will.

Parental Control: The web is full of content that may be inappropriate for some children. Parental Control lets you decide what goes through your network. This includes those unsavory spam emails from porn sites that seem to get past many spam filters.

Game Mode: Antivirus and firewalls will sometimes act in ways that can negatively impact your online gaming experience. Game Mode allows you to play your online games without worrying that the program will interrupt or degrade your gaming experience by blocking traffic or updating.

Testing Frontier Security Antivirus – How It Stacks Up Against the Competition

But how do you know which antivirus product is the best? The reliable experts at the AV-TEST independent testing lab decided to find out for themselves, using Windows 8 and 8.1 machines. Lucky for us, they shared their findings. During the months of November and December in 2013, they researched and analyzed the year’s top 25 antivirus products on the market. Each product was tested using their latest updates and the newest versions, all set at their regular default settings.

Frontier Secure Antivirus was given the one of the top spots and rated as one of the best antivirus products available for Windows 8.1 users. That means it rates higher than other popular antivirus programs out there like Avast!, AVG (both free and paid), and McAfee. It was given a complete six out of six stars for protection, 5.5 for performance, and five for usability. In comparison, my favorite Kaspersky Internet Security received a perfect six across the board. However, it also costs a bit more and it has a slightly larger footprint.