Free Fun: 10 Best iPad 2 Apps to Try

Flipboard - Best iPad 2 Apps

Get a new iPad2? A brand new toy! With the best iPad 2 apps, this little beauty will put your smartphone to shame. You no longer have to peer into a tiny screen, as you scroll through updates on your social networks. No more embarrassing auto corrects, as you struggle with the tiny keyboard. Your smart phone has been put aside for the gorgeous display and simple interface that your iPad 2 offers.

To get the most out of this wonderful tool, you will need to populate it with some great applications. The problem is knowing which applications are the best, and every time you look at the iTunes store you just get more confused. There is a lot of garbage out there!

Everyone loads up games and e-readers, but before you get to them, you really should look at some of the basic essentials. Digital Landing has put together a list of the best iPad 2 apps that also happen to be free, so anyone can give them a try.

10 Best iPad 2 Apps to Try For Free

Best iPad 2 Apps - CloudOn
The CloudOn App allows you to access your Microsoft Office files.

1. CloudOn

Unless you are willing to pay Google or Apple, there are not many choices when it comes to working with Microsoft Office files. Several free apps out there don’t translate well between programs. This program lets you edit all of your Office documents on the go. The only problem with this program is that you need a constant data connection, so it can use cloud storage such as Drop Box or Google Drive.

2. Dragon Dictation

This is voice recognition software that is very easy to use. Simply talk and it will type it out for you. You can then submit it to Twitter, Facebook or use it in conjunction with CloudOn. Before posting anything, I would suggest you review and edit it first. After all, you don’t need the “typo of the year” to go on your Facebook status or Twitter feed.

3. Oplayer HD Lite

This media player lets you view a large variety of popular media formats, which are not normally viewable on the iPad 2. Now you can stream movies in MKV, WMV and AVI formats. The Lite version is free, however, it does run a small banner ad at the top of the screen. The banner can be removed by upgrading to the full paid version.\

4. Paper

A drawing application that turns your iPad 2 into a sketchbook, notebook, or simple scratch pad. It allows you to draw, take notes, sketch and color. A handy and fun tool for anyone.

5. Pocket

Ever see an article that you want to read, but you don’t have time? And then you can’t find it later when you finally do have time? This application lets you quickly save the text of the article, so you can view it later at your convenience.

6. Flipboard

Best iPad 2 Apps - Flipboard
The Flipboard app connects you with all of your social networks, as well as the blogs you regularly read and other feeds and websites.

This little program takes all the material that you typically read from blogs, websites, social media and news feeds and combines them into a simple magazine-like format that is easy to read. It compiles everything in one spot, so you don’t need to go flipping between websites to grab the latest updates.

7. Hootsuite

This application allows you to manage all your social media networks without switching constantly between programs. It also allows you to create one post and send them to all of your social media sites, so you don’t need to waste time re-posting the same information in multiple locations.

8. Apps Gone Free

This is an application designed to find free applications. Every day, hundreds of applications will temporary reduce their price to free, so they can stimulate their numbers and raise their popularity. There is no easy way to find them all through the iTunes store. This application allows you to find recently reduced apps that interest you.

9. YouTube

Many of the new iPads no longer come with this preloaded, so it’s a good idea to add this to your download list. YouTube is not just for entertainment, many companies use it as a venue for their marketing materials. So even if your iPad is just for work, this is a good program to have.

10. Spotify

A top-of-the-line music service that lets you customize your own play lists. The easy search feature lets you find songs by artists, style, and year. You can even look at what’s new and hot.

We feel that these are the essential apps that anyone will need on their iPad 2. These will get you started on your journey as you explore the ever expanding possibilities that your new iPad 2 have just opened up for you. Whether you are using it for business or casual gaming, these free apps are the best iPad 2 apps and are must haves for everyone.