Florida Cable TV Options To Consider


Florida Cable TV options include more than just the big three in Cable TV services. Because these other companies are smaller, they don’t have the advertising power to get their names in front of every possible subscriber.

I’m going to help them out a bit and let my readers in Florida know what these local and regional providers have to offer.

Who’s Offering Cable TV in Florida?

The big three in Florida Cable TV services are Comcast, Cox Cable, and Time Warner Cable. I’m not going to say much about them here because we’ve got a number of articles about their offerings already.

Florida Cable TV Offers Homegrown Option

Florida Cable is one of the local and regional providers of Cable TV operating in various areas of the state. They offer both basic Cable TV service and Digital Cable TV service. The Basic Cable service offers your local and regional broadcasters and many of the most popular major networks such as USA, TNT, Discovery, CSPAN, and Discovery Channel. The exact networks/channels available will vary by area.

Florida Cable offers a couple tiers of digital service. These include Pay-per-View (PPV) offerings, digital movie packages, digital music channels, and TV listings that are interactive. Their digital movie packages include HBO, Cinemax, Starz, Showtime, and Encore. Digital subscribers can also choose a dual tuner DVR that lets you record two shows at once while watching another show. Of course, digital Phone and High Speed Internet (HSI) are also available.

Bright House Networks Offers Florida Residents Local Options

Bright House Networks is a relatively small provider of Cable TV services that operates in a number of states. They offer TV services to residents of several areas in Florida, with two main choices: Standard Cable TV and Premier TV. Standard TV offers Florida Cable TV customers more than 70 channels while Premier offers more than 200. Both options offer subscribers 24/7 customer service and no long-term contracts or equipment to buy.

Premier subscribers also have access to Movies On Demand (paid and free options), Premium channels such as HBO and Showtime, Spanish language programming, Sports Pass, and many more options.

Cable TV and More from Mediacom

Mediacom Florida is one of those Florida Cable TV providers that really doesn’t fit a mold. It’s a small Cable TV provider that isn’t really small. Mediacom calls their offerings “Paks.” The paks that are available to Florida residents include:

  • ELITEpak with PRIME TV: Subscribers can get TV service distributed to three sets, a number of HD channels, HBO and TMC premium channels, plus digital paks that include Sports and Information networks, Movies and Music channels, and Kids and Variety channels, as well as Family TV, and local channels.
  • PERFORMANCEpak WHOLE HOME with PRIME TV and TiVo: This package includes one of the digital paks mentioned above, plus local TV, Family TV, and three converters.
  • PERFORMANCEpak with PRIME TV offers 165 channels of video and music, with as many as 75 HD channels, Starz and Encore, and On Demand service (6000 hours free).
  • FEATUREpak offers 74 of the most popular networks including USA, Nickelodeon, TLC, CNN, ESPN, and more, plus local broadcast and HD channels.
  • VALUEpak is their most basic offering. It offers 35 channels that include the major ABC, FOX, NBC, and CBS affiliates, all in HD.

Hopefully, these Florida Cable TV options give you something to think about as you get ready to sign up. Remember that you’ll usually save money if you buy a bundle pack, with TV and Internet combined. Enter your street address below to see which Cable TV services are offered in your area.

Photo Credit: Tom Bricker