Finding the Best GPS Tracker for Kids

Best GPS Tracker for Kids

The best GPS tracker for kids has just become available. Every parent knows what it’s like to let your kid go out the door. Where are they going? What if something terrible happens? Will you be able to find them immediately? GPS locators help, but the ones I’ve seen have been either bulky or hard to use. Of all them, I think Findster is the best; it’s the smallest and easiest to use. It’s also got the lowest total cost of ownership.

‘Findster’ is the Best GPS Tracker for Kids

I’ve seen GPS trackers for kids that make you lace them up in their shoe laces. I think those can break too easily being down there. I’ve seen trackers that affix to a backpack. However, not every attachment system looks like it is solid and reliable.

My best GPS tracker for kids is one that firmly clips to a belt and has a long-life rechargeable battery. The Findster GPS tracker is that and more. At less than two ounces and measuring about an inch and a half on a side and a little less than half an inch thick, it’s small and unobtrusive. It has a solid belt loop on the back so you can be sure it won’t fall off. Its rechargeable battery lasts for up to 18 hours of continuous use and it’s also waterproof up to 16.4 feet. It’s perfect for kids.

What Exactly is Findster?

Findster is not just a single unit that comes with an app. It’s a five-piece system in which each part serves a unique and important purpose. The five interlocking parts of the system are the base station, parent/master module, child/client module, charging station, and the Findster mobile app (It works on Android and iPhone).

How Findster Works is Unique

The other GPS trackers for kids that I’ve seen use a cellular connection to communicate with a server that the app logs into. Findster is unique as it uses an RF radio to communicate between devices, Bluetooth for communicating with the app, and the portable devices also use Wi-Fi to communicate with the cloud and thus the app when out of range of either the base station or a registered mobile phone.

The base station has a range of 1.24 miles and the mobile units have a range of .62 miles. This means you can go to the park with your kids and be able to look down to tie your shoe or read a book. There’s also a three-axis accelerometer that will alert you if your child has fallen.

Best GPS Tracker for Kids

Extend System Range by Building a Findster Ecosystem in Your Neighborhood

Here’s where things start to get really interesting. The range of the system can be greatly extended if a few of your neighbors also get Findsters. If your loved one is leaving communication range with your house but is approaching another house with a Findster base station, the device will establish communication with that base station. Since the base station has a Wi-Fi connection to the cloud, it is still able to remain in touch with your base station and the Findster app. The devices use a unique communication protocol that is secure and devices will only communicate with other registered devices.

Findster isn’t Just for Kids

Although the Findster child/client modules come in bright colors, they aren’t just for children. Yeah, I consider Findster to be the best GPS tracker for kids but it also works great for active adults with memory issues. Go ahead and place one on their belt and you can let them go for their walk without worrying whether they’ll get lost.

Here’s something I really like: The Findster app lets you set up “fences” inside the system’s range. This gives you an extra layer of peace of mind. You can put the tracking module on the belt of your loved one and if they stray beyond a certain range, the app will immediately notify you.

Findster is Pretty Cool for Pets Also

The folks from Findster point out that Findster can also be used for pets. Its small size and ruggedness make it pretty ideal for pets. The accelerometer in the device, coupled with special features in the app let you track your pet’s activity level, letting you know whether you need to get them more exercise. I do believe that it’s a bit too big for cats and some small dogs, but it seems as though it would be ideal for larger dogs, especially those that like to stray from time to time. If I had one of these systems a number of years ago, I’d still have my German shepherd.

Establishing that “Findster Ecosystem”

Earlier I mentioned building a Findster ecosystem in your neighborhood. The folks from Findster have made this quite easy by giving you a link you can share with your friends after you’ve selected your perk. Every person that uses that link to buy a system gains you a ten dollar refund.

The Bottom Line

The basic Findster Kids system runs about $200 and comes with the charger, a guardian module, and a child/client module. Two hundred adds the base station. Extra modules cost 65 bucks apiece. Just under $100 will net you Findster Pets that is just the tracker module and a charger. You can also buy an extra base station for about $100. There’s also a neighborhood pack with four of everything for about $550.

Leaving the Best for Last

Remember how I said that Findster doesn’t use a cellular connection to maintain communication between the devices? That little point there gives rise to what I consider the one thing that sets Findster two full heads and shoulders above the rest: Once you buy the system, it’s free. There’s no monthly membership fee or anything. Combine this with referring enough people to gain you a full refund, and you’ve got your system completely free.