Finding New Movies and Shows on Netflix


Netflix has changed the way we watch TV and movies. Binge-watching TV series has become a popular pastime and it has been made possible by streaming services such as Netflix. But how do you find out what new movies and shows are coming to Netflix, and which ones are going to be removed from the offerings, so you don’t miss out on seeing your favorites?

Best Spots to Find New Movies and Shows on Netflix

There are many sites that give information on what Netflix has planned to release in the near future, and these sites give you the way to track of it all so you don’t miss any choice shows or movies.

Hollywood Reporter

One of the most comprehensive of the websites that give Netflix updates is The Hollywood Reporter. Updated every month, or on an as announced basis, The Hollywood Reporter gives information on new movies and shows on Netflix. They typically give us the information at least a few weeks ahead of time. In addition to the updated schedules and Netflix offerings, The Hollywood Reporter gives you reviews and highlights of TV seasons and movies that are coming to Netflix.


CNET gives current info on new movies and shows on Netflix, updated monthly. CNET gives great reviews, and information about production, casting and other insider stuff that makes it a great place to get your updated Netflix schedules. The problem is that it can be difficult to find in among the rest of the news they produce.


It’s hard to beat Netflix itself for getting updated information on new movies and shows. Netflix frequently makes switches and changes that are listed under “What’s New”. This is basically a “one stop shop” for getting the lists of Netflix offerings, new and old.


If you want the updated schedule and offerings of Netflix as well as side information on the machinations of Netflix and Hollywood, Variety’s website is hard to beat. Updated Netflix movies and shows are given along with commentary, reviews and trends for streaming. They do a great job of letting us know about what Netflix is developing and offering.


Another top website for gathering updates to the Netflix schedule is IGN. Weekly and monthly updates are posted at IGN, all so you can get the most recent changes to the Netflix lineup.

Netflix USA

Netflix USA is a blog that does a pretty good job listing the new movies and shows on Netflix. They also have one thing that many of the sites do not, they let you know if the title is available in Canada, the U.S. or both.

Instant Watcher

This site gives you a list of what is new and popular on Netflix and the nice thing is that you don’t need to hunt for it because it is all laid out in front of you. Instant Watcher is my favorite for when I want to see what is new and popular on Netflix. It also provides a list of what is currently trending as popular and what has been recently popular. If you go with ratings to decide what you are watching they let users sort by NYT critic ratings and Rotten Tomatoes Fresh.

Social Media

For daily and up-to-the-minute updates on new movies and shows on Netflix, follow the Netflix Twitter account. New shows and additions as well as show and movies being removed come in through your time line, giving on the spot information on Netflix offerings and changes.

A hidden benefit to getting Netflix information through their Twitter account is sometimes special offers and discount codes are sent out, letting you get your information and save a few bucks on your monthly Netflix subscription.

Facebook is another great social media site that gives Netflix schedules and information. Simply “like” the Netflix page on Facebook and get schedules, information on new shows, what movies are being added and removed, dates, and reviews from Netflix all through your Facebook wall. Like Twitter, Netflix often times puts out coupons, discount codes and special deal to Facebook followers, so be sure to hit “like” for all your Netflix moves and TV show updates.

Netflix offers updates too, through Tumblr, Pinterest and Google +. Simply sign up and add the Netflix account to your likes and you get the updated schedules being put up by Netflix. Social media has now become a tool for making sure you can catch you favorite movies and shows.

Photo Credit: Betsssssy