7 Apps to Find the Best Neighborhoods in Your New City


Although, it is important to find the house of your dreams, it is equally as important to find the right neighborhood. Of course, as you may already know, deciding on a neighborhood in a city you are not familiar with can be challenging. If you are planning a move, and house shopping or searching for a rental, you may as well put that smartphone you have to good use and make it help you find the best neighborhood.

7 Best Apps to Find the Best Neighborhoods

These are some really helpful apps available that will help you pick the perfect neighborhood.


This one you absolutely cannot live without! It displays everything that is important and interesting in any given location. Plus, it is linked to Wikipedia, so if you notice there is a notable landmark nearby you can link to Wikipedia for further information. You may find that it is a major tourist attraction, and not necessarily something you want to live right next to. Wikihood will tell you what businesses, museums, notable residents, parks, and rivers are in the area. You can even take a virtual tour of many neighborhoods.

Suburb Scout

The last thing you want to discover after you move in is that there is a nearby landfill, sewage treatment plant, airport, prison, rail crossing etc. Although, the train noise might not bother you, if you are already used to this sound. Suburb Scout was designed to allow you to specifically search for nuisances in the area.

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Safe Neighborhood

This National Sex Offender Registry app may be one of the most important ones you use, especially if you have children. It will tell you of any offenders in the area, and also provide an exact address and picture, which makes it a little controversial.

Walk Score

Are you looking for a walkable neighborhood that offers a pedestrian-friendly commute to grocery stores, parks, restaurants, cafes, schools, and more? This app is perfect. It will tell you what is nearby, and even provide you with a commute report for public transportation, too, if you need to travel somewhere further than walking distance.

Crime Stats

This iPhone app allows you to see crime statistics of an entire city. It does not pinpoint per neighborhood, but it could help you choose between a cluster of cities. You can even do side-by-side comparisons. It uses FBI data, and it is great to have handy for vacations or long work commutes, too. If your fuel gauge is getting low it could help you decide which city you should stop in to fill up.

Around Me

This is another iPhone exclusive app. It tells you everything close to you, which could also come in handy after you move in. Points of interest include banks, bars, pharmacies, parking structures, movie theaters, gas stations, hospitals, hotels, cafes, and more.

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Site Wise

This is an extremely thorough app to find the best neighborhood that uses Census Data. You can find average age, income level, and household size in the neighborhood, and even zoom in for an aerial view.

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