Find Your Remote Codes Quickly, Easily

Find Your Remote Codes

Losing your remote is never fun. Losing your remote codes can be just as frustrating. Finding the right remote codes is always a good thing, so I’ve put together a list of Digital Landing’s articles on codes for universal remote controls.

Photo Credit: Tim Malabuyo

Remote Codes for Various Universal Remotes

Universal remotes are those sold by various companies that are designed to be used with a variety of equipment. I put together a piece not too long ago on how to program the GE universal remote control.

There’s also one that has more GE codes, as well as some codes for several devices that the RCA universal remotes can control.

Programming the Remote from Your TV Service Provider

Every Cable and Satellite device comes with its own remote control. However, many people aren’t aware of the fact that these remotes will control not only your Cable or Satellite box, but the rest of your home theater components as well.

April Carvelli, another writer here at, has put together excellent pieces on how to program remotes from the main Cable TV and Satellite TV providers:

Once you’ve programmed these remote codes, you’ll also be able to control your DVD/Blu-Ray players and home theater receivers, as well as your TV.

Remote Codes for Insignia TV Owners

Insignia TVs are rapidly growing in popularity. They’re of good quality and are usually attractively priced, as well. Not too long ago, I put together an article that listed several codes for Insignia TVs for use with Cable TV and Satellite TV remotes, as well as a few of the more popular universal remotes on the market.

Universal Remotes: Background Information

Mohan has put together a really informative piece about universal remotes. In this piece, Mohan gives a little background information on remote controls, and then goes into some information about how a universal remote can benefit you.

If you have a TV or universal remote that isn’t covered by any of the pieces we’ve already put together, please drop us a note in the comments section asking for us to cover your specific remote codes. We will work to either put together a piece for your particular device or I will answer your question directly in the comments section below. Who remembered to bring the popcorn?

Photo Credit: Tim Malabuyo