Find Great Netflix Recommendations With Instant Watcher


Are you tired of watching reruns of the “same old thing” each night after work? Maybe you are still wasting too much time trying to find something great to watch on Netflix? If you are tired of “settling” for shows you really don’t want to watch, you need to find a better way to get great Netflix recommendations. We think that’s where Instant Watcher comes in.

Netflix Recommendations: What is Instant Watcher?

Instant Watcher is an app that is available for iPhone, iPad and Android. There is also a desktop/laptop version of their site for non-mobile users, and a Pinterest version of the site.

The app makes it incredibly easy to find something great to watch and stream on Netflix. Users don’t have to worry about answering any questions, or using filters in order to receive recommendations. The site is predominantly arranged around various lists that are accessed through tabbed categories.

The opening page of the site provides a list of the top 50 most popular shows streaming on Netflix in the last 24 hours. Next to this list is another list of “new and noteworthy” movies. This category displays the most recent additions to Netflix’s massive content catalog.

The site also features several tabs across the top of page that can help users find great titles based on various genres and categories. Users can also click a tab and get a list of the top recommendations based on the New York Times’ critic rating and freshness on Rotten Tomato’s scale.

Unexpected Features

One of Instant Watcher’s more unique features is that it makes it easy to find movies in two slightly unexpected categories: “worst” and “random.” Unlike Netflix Roulette and similar apps that promise to make it easy to find something completely random, but great to watch, there is nothing to select or refine to use this feature. Users just click on the Random tab, and then they are presented with the full details of a random show they can stream now on Netflix. If users don’t like a suggestion, they just keep clicking on the same tab to get a different suggestion. What could be simpler than just one click to receive completely random Netflix recommendations?

While some movie fans might find this hard to believe, there are some people in this world that actually enjoy watching really bad movies. This app makes it super easy to find a great bad movie to watch. Users just click on the appropriately labeled “worst” tab at the top, and are then rewarded with a list of the top 63 lowest rated movies currently streaming on Netflix.

It’s hard to believe, but the one drawback to using the “worst” feature is that it can be a bit difficult to choose just which bad movie to watch out of all 63 choices that the app will return. In case you harbor doubts that the movie suggestions on the worst list are really that bad, the names of two recent 2012 titles on the infamous “worst” list include: George Biddle: CPA and 1313: Frankenqueen.

I try not to judge movies based on their titles, so I decided to do further research and watch these two movies just to see if the “worst” rating is actually accurate. After all, I wouldn’t want our readers to waste their time using this particular feature of the app only to be disappointed to find that the worst category doesn’t actually suggest a terrible movie.

After losing a few hours of my life, I now know from personal experience that Instant Watcher’s “worst” category is aptly named.

Here are the movie details in case readers need more proof. George Biddle: CPA is a slow moving movie about the adventures of an accountant that saves others through the use of his extensive knowledge of obscure tax code laws. Eventually, he is thwarted by his former high school nemesis turned IRS agent and the two duel in Tax Court.

1313: Frankenqueen is a bit of a horror slasher that involves a spooky, plush mansion, a deeply disturbed plastic surgeon named Victoria, and a group of attractive young men she calls her “test subjects.” As you can understand, unless you really enjoy watching bad movies, you shouldn’t stream suggestions from this list.

Additional Instant Watcher Tips

Since the app uses lists rather than filters to return suggestions, Instant Watcher is perhaps the easiest to use of all the Netflix recommendations apps that we’ve reviewed. It is also one of the few third-party apps that will continue to function after Netflix removes third-party access to its API in November. If you need more suggestions for ways to get better recommendations on Netflix, check out our article on the Top 11 Best Netflix Sites and use it to find something great to watch on Netflix.

We enjoy receiving feedback from our readers. Feedback helps us give you the content that you want and need to help you simplify your digital life. Why not let us know in the comments section below if you use Instant Watcher or other apps to find great, or not so great, shows to stream on Netflix?