Your Connected Life Simplified … in Video


We’ve recently decided to start developing awesome video content to complement the great articles our team has been publishing. The objective of our videos is simple: Provide simple tips on how to simplify your connected life — in fewer than five minutes. These short, casual videos are posted to our YouTube account, as well as in the articles they are related to.

Our two latest videos on the “connected life” cover:

>  5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Netflix Streaming
In this video, David Gonos provides five easy things you can do to improve the quality of your Netflix Streaming and make your movie-watching experience more enjoyable. Many of us experience streaming issues when watching Netflix Watch Instantly. These five tips can really help improve the quality of your Netflix video streaming.

> What’s the Difference Between a Cable Modem and Router?
In this video, David explains the main differences between a modem and a router. It may sound silly, but many of us still can’t tell the difference between these two. This video explains it all and gives us pointers on how to never get confused again.

We hope you’ll enjoy these short videos and look forward to adding a lot more to the site in the upcoming months. Please feel fee to send your feedback or suggestions to To¬†subscribe to our YouTube account, simply follow this link.