Finally! 10 Great Gadgets for Women

10 Great Gadgets For Women

Once again the holiday season is upon us. And just like last year, you really don’t know what to get for the love of your life. You know she loves gadgets, but the vacuum cleaner you bought last year just didn’t go over as well as you expected. And unless she loves cooking, that fancy food processor will probably get the same reaction. Maybe this year you should avoid anything that would involve a household chore. We have looked high and low and come up with the 10 best gadgets for women.

Last week, we showed you the 10 best gadgets for men, and now it’s time for —

10 Best Gadgets for Women

1. Nap Massaging Bed Rest

Read a book and get a massage, what could be better first thing in the morning? She doesn’t even have to get dressed. Large storage pockets will hold a book, remote and reading glasses all within easy reach. They thought of everything! This even comes with a built-in LED light, which can be positioned to make reading and writing easier. She doesn’t need to get up for anything except maybe a beverage, which can be kept in the convenient cup holder. You can always get her to appreciate this thoughtful gift even more by preparing her morning coffee.

2. Nike+ FuelBand

If she’s a fitness fanatic, then this is great for her. It works with her iPhone or iPod to track her calorie consumption throughout the day by tracking her movement. It allows her to set a daily goal and watch her progress, then she can upload it to keep track of her progress.

3. Nostalgia Electrics Pie-400 4-Pie Electric Pie Bakery

The perfect gift for someone with a sweet tooth. A little pre-made pie dough, a smattering of her favorite filling and 10-minutes later, four freshly made pies. This is a quick and easy way to make fancy pies and tarts with minimal labor. These are great to bring to a party or for private entertaining.

4. Syma S107/S107G R/C Helicopter – Red

Everyone enjoys flying (and crashing) these. They are great fun, especially once you figure out how to buzz people and pets. Just remember, landing is the hard part.

5. Crayola DigiTools Glitter Color Change Effects Creativity Pack

Everyone loves coloring, no matter what their age is and this is perfect for any iPad owner. You can color standard drawings, create your own or enhance it with 3-D color, which you view with your 3-D glasses.

6. The Official Bullsh*t Button (BS Button)

Many women have a built-in BS detector already, but this gives them a way to let the world know about it. All she has to do is press the button to make it light up and buzz loudly. No words required to announce it when it’s seen. Perfect for home or office!

7. Boss Tech Products Cashmere Knit Touchscreen Gloves

This will show that you care about her delicate fingers. She will no longer have to bare her digits to the elements in order to respond to that text message or take a photo. These touchscreen gloves with conductive fingertips lets her use any touch-screen device, like an iPad or iPhone, while keeping her hands nice and warm this winter season.

8. Perfect Solutions Laser Leveler

Even if she’s not a handy(wo)man, this is a handy hi-tech tool, which is perfect for anyone. It projects a laser line for perfect leveling every time. The built-in 10-foot measuring tape makes installation easy by measuring distance as it aligns. Great for everything from hanging pictures to making cabinets.

9. HairPro Luxor Laser Hair Brush

With this, she can use the same laser hair-removing technology as many salons to achieve thicker, richer looking hair. The laser light treatments produce a more luxurious head of hair and instead of paying a small fortune, she can now do it at home.

10. IBod Personal Airbrush Tanning System

If she spends money getting a spray tan every week then this is probably a perfect gift. She can get a perfectly gorgeous airbrush tan in the comfort of her own home for a fraction of what she would pay at the salon.


Hopefully this list of great gadgets for women gave you an idea for the perfect Christmas gift! If it didn’t then you can always pop into the local Apple store or go online and pick her up an Apple gift card which she can use for iOS devices, accessories, or applications. An Apple gift card is a wonderful Christmas present because it lets her choose exactly what she needs or wants.

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