Fans of the Outdoors Will Like This Waterproof Mobile Phone


We’ve seen some ads for phones that are water-resistant, but that doesn’t mean they are waterproof mobile phones. Those other phones can only stand being in the water for a few seconds. The other ones can only handle having liquids accidentally spilled on them. This phone is the Abrams main battle tank of cell phones, it’s practically indestructible. It’s also a full-featured phone using the Android platform, which means they didn’t skimp on the internals in order to make the externals. Let’s take a look at it, shall we?

Introducing the Shockproof Sonim XP7 Extreme

The Sonim XP7 Extreme is the most rugged and toughest mobile phone I’ve ever seen. I have a few friends walking around right now that are perfect candidates for this phone. All of them love their Android phones, but they all have cracked screens. Most of them because they fell out of a pocket or dropped off a bed. The Sonim XP7 can be dropped from over six feet, at any angle onto concrete without damage. Try that with your Galaxy S4 or iPhone 6. Yeah, right. I wouldn’t even try that with my Nokia Lumia with the big rubber case I have it in.

This Waterproof Mobile Phone Really Is Waterproof

No, that doesn’t mean you can drop it in the pool and leave it overnight and it will still work. Your body is waterproof and doing that to it will damage it. However, you can take it up to about seven feet deep for about 30 minutes and it will still work. For example, a reef diver can take this phone down to snap pictures of the reef and then switch over to taking full 1080p video of that exciting shark encounter. As far as I can determine, this is the first truly waterproof mobile phone on the market.

This Phone is Designed for the Active Outdoorsperson

Do you like to go hiking or mountain bike riding? If so, are you afraid of taking your phone with you for fear of breaking it while getting wild on the trails? Worry no more. This rugged and dependable phone can take it. As mentioned above, it’ll survive a fall onto concrete or rocks from more than six feet up without damaging the touchscreen.

Not only is this a truly waterproof mobile phone, it’s also weatherproof. This phone was designed for extremes, including weather. How extreme, you ask? How about having an operating temperature range of from negative four degrees F up to 131 degrees? Extreme enough for you? I thought so.

As a mountain bike rider myself, I sometimes miss calls and texts because my phone’s ringer isn’t loud enough to be heard over the wind rushing by my ears. (I don’t wear headphones while riding, too dangerous.) The ringer on this phone can put out an almost-deafening 103 decibels. That’s about the sound pressure level that a jet airplane’s engines put out. I don’t think I’d have a problem hearing that even over traffic noise.

All this toughness has to come at the expense of something like battery life, right? No, it doesn’t. The Sonim XP7 Extreme’s battery will last about 1,000 hours on standby and give you 40 hours of talk time. My Lumia barely gives me 24 hours of standby, even on power saver mode. My Lumia only has a one year warranty. The XP7 has a full three year warranty.

This is Not a Scaled-Down Cell Phone

When I started checking this phone out, I expected it to not be a terribly good alternative to my Lumia or my S4. I was expecting it to have a proprietary operating system and not let me do any of the things I want and need to do, like Skype and WhatsApp to stay in touch with my family. I was wrong.

The XP7 Extreme runs Android 4.4 KitKat, and not a scaled-down version. This is the same KitKat you’ll find on newer Android phones. It runs anything you can download from the Google Play StoreĀ©.

Where to Buy the Sonim XP7 Extreme

At this moment, the only place you can buy this incredible phone is Indiegogo. The project is fully funded, which means you will get your phone if you order one. If you email them after buying and tell them it’s a gift for the outdoor-lover on your list, they’ll even mail what they call a “really cool Extreme Gift Certificate to the recipient so they know you didn’t forget them.

The phone currently runs about 600 dollars, with 250 due on signing and 375 due when they ship it. However, if you decide to buy it outright, you’ll save about 50 bucks. That’s still a bit steep for a cellphone, even one this cool, and Sonim knows it, which is why all buyers will receive, by mail, a “goodie bag” filled with nifty money-saving things, including:

  • A $200 trade-in certificate for your next Sonim phone.
  • A SIM card for use on Ultra Mobile, including one free month of voice and data service. (This comes with the phone itself)
  • A coupon for $100 off a kayak from Oru Kayaks.
  • A coupon for 20 percent off at Fisher Boards.

These perks defray the cost a bit, especially if you make use of all of them. Using just the SIM drops the overall price for the phone by about $75 — most SIM cards cost about $25 and the free month of service has a 49 dollar value.

Oh! I almost forgot! The Sonim XP7 Extreme waterproof mobile phone is also unlocked, meaning if you aren’t in Ultra Mobile’s U.S. service area, it will work with any carrier that operates on GSM.