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Thanks to a handful of contracts and the increased integration of the digital age, you can find Internet and TV bundles that not only give you online connections and Cable TV, but throw in social media gaming as an appealing extra. If you like those immensely popular Facebook games, but wish you had easier access and a source of in-game cash to use, start looking for an Internet provider that offers you solutions.

The game company to watch is Zynga, which has a contract with Synacor designed to bring its host of popular games to the home pages of various Internet service providers. This allows providers to sweeten the deal of bundle purchases by adding an entirely new entertainment service that may not cost you anything extra. If you enjoy social games like Words With Friends, casino games with a digital gambling edge, or little escape games like FarmVille, your stuffy old bundle options have grown much more interesting.

Status: Info on Zynga Games

Zynga - Internet and TV Bundles
There are 45.6 million daily active users on Zynga games. Photo Credit: William Hook

You may not have heard much about Zynga, because the company prefers to tout its game brands first and its company name second, but there is an excellent chance you have heard or played one of its immensely popular social media games. Zynga is one of the few social media game giants that creates very casual, easy games for people on Facebook or for those who have easy Internet access. These games are often free to play, but require players to purchase upgrades, new additions, and various in-game objects. Games include Ruby Blast, Words With Friends, CastleVille, and Farmville 2 (along with several other “-ville” games. These games tend to encourage community, be casually addictive, and give people something else to do on social networks other than look at status updates.

Zynga is the founder of some of the most well-known social media games, and is also in charge of various online Bingo, Poker and Casino games, such as Texas HoldEm Poker, which clocks in at 33.5 million players. At first glance Zynga appears to be successful, but the company has been struggling to make a profit. In late 2012, it cut its workforce and began work to reinvent itself. Part of the problem is the design of its games, which are free to play and must entice players to spend money with remarkable innovation and design … Zynga has had a few too many failed games to support its paper thin profit margins. The other part of the problem is availability — the largest Zynga games are not available as apps for the iPad or iPhone, making it difficult to reach mobile customers.Zynga has taken steps to solve some of these issues. And one step is making games more available for people who purchase Internet and TV bundles.

Facts: Buy Internet and TV Bundles, Get Games

The partnership between Zynga and Synacor means that you can pick up Zynga games as part of your ordinary Internet services. When you buy a bundle with Synacor providers like Verizon or Charter, Zynga games will be included as part of the package. When you access your home page to check on data usage or webmail, Zynga games will be available to play. Best of all, the Zynga addition will come at no extra charge to the buyer, and function instead as an added perk for buying the bundle.Perks: Monthly AllowancesThe “best of all” category gets some serious competition with the plans that Synacor has to integrate Zynga services with its Internet and TV bundles. Most Zynga games require some form of in-game cash to play, especially its more casino-oriented games. Others use in-game cash to purchase add-ons and new features. Because Synacor understands that Internet buyers may not have enough interest or knowledge to go through the process of acquiring this digital currency by themselves, it has plans to provide an “allowance” of in-game cash that is available each month to users. This allowance can be downloaded for free on popular social media sites, like Facebook and Google+, as well as

This move by Zynga is nothing but good news if you are interested in purchasing an Internet bundle. Even if you are not a fan of Facebook games, there is a very good chance someone in your family plays or is interested in playing. Finding a bundle with Zynga support adds a service to your package with minimal effort and — if you stay within the monthly allowance provided by Synacor — little to no cost. Zynga can create similar contracts with other service providers beyond Synacor, so no matter where you are shopping for Internet, you could find the game company surfacing as additional value.

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