Facebook Changes: Understanding the Latest Updates and What They Mean for You


Are you ready for the Facebook changes that are coming up at the end of January? Curious about how these changes will affect how you use Facebook and whether or not they will make things easier or more complicated? Here are the full details on the modifications and updates that will take effect on Facebook January 30, 2015.

Facebook Changes: Privacy Basics

A major part of the update that is taking affect at the end of January is that it will be easier than ever to understand how Facebook works and what it does with your information. The updated Privacy Basics will answer Facebook users’s most common questions and provide tips and guides to help them customize their experience and better protect their privacy. Curious about how to unfriend and block others or how to tag and untag yourself and others from posts? Privacy Basics will give you step by step instructions on how to accomplish these and other tasks.

Once the update takes place, you may want to revisit the Privacy Checkup app. To reach it, just sign into Facebook and click on the icon in the top right of the screen that looks like a lock. This will take you to Privacy Shortcuts, and from there you can select Privacy Checkup. This tool allows you to customize what you are sharing with others, whether or not it’s the public world at large, friends, and even apps.

Become More Connected With Useful Information

With this latest update, when you share your location with Facebook and it’s family of companies, you will start to see more useful information being shared with you. An example of this is when you use Facebook applications such as Nearby Friends. With this feature if you choose to share your location, and users on your Facebook Friends list also turn on Nearby Friends, you will each be notified when you are both in a location close to one another, making it easier to meet up face to face.

The Nearby Friends feature also sends you alerts about nearby points of interest, such as restaurants that are close by. You are even able to see a copy of a specific restaurant’s menu with this feature. This additional information will make it easy not only to meet with your friends face to face while you are both out and about, but it makes it easy to turn the meeting into a fun event! While the Nearby Friends feature is not currently available to all Facebook users, the upcoming update will make it available to more Facebook users.

Another new feature that is being rolled out to more Facebook users with this update is the Buy button. This feature first premiered to a limited number of users in July, 2014, and will be expanded further after the latest update takes effect. The button allows Facebook users to buy items from ads directly from their news feed, without having to leave Facebook and visit another site.

Have Greater Control Over Ads

One common complaint among Facebook users is that it’s difficult to control the types of ads that you see and where you see them when you are using Facebook. This will change once the latest update takes effect. Now, Facebook users can opt out of seeing all adds through the Digital Advertising Alliance, or through the individual controls on their iOS or Android smart phones.

If you still want to see some ads, but not all of them, you will also now be able to opt out of being targeted for ads based on which audience type you have been categorized into, without having to unlike a page or opt out of seeing all ads. If you are unsure of what your individual ad preferences are, just click the X or other icon in the top right corner of a specific Facebook ad and choose “why am I seeing this?” for the full details on your ad preferences and to learn more about what audience demographic you may have been grouped into.

The best part of the changes that are coming to advertising at the end of January is that now, once users make a decision about the types of ads that they want to see when they use Facebook, that decision will apply across all of their devices. In the past, users needed to make choices about the ads that they saw on each of their devices, and even then there were reported incidents of these preferences not working. This known issue is supposed to be resolved in this update.

In short, the upcoming Facebook changes mean that it will be easier than ever to understand your privacy options and have more control over what you see and share with others, whether it’s a post by you or your friends or ads from brands and businesses. The changes also mean that the unseen line that divides our online life and our physical life just became a bit more blurry because it’s now more digitally connected and interactive.

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Photo Credit: Codemastersnake