Everyone Can Enjoy This PC Wireless Controller


What is a PC wireless controller? Is it a keyboard? Is it a mouse? It’s neither. It’s a small puck. However, like a keyboard or mouse, you can use it to control certain functions of your computer. You can also use it in many programs instead of a mouse or keyboard. This wireless controller is called the Senic Flow and I really want one. I’m sure my daughter will too once she’s reads this.

Digital Tablets Are Nice, But…

Digital drawing and work tablets, also known as pen tablets, like the Intuos and Bamboo from Wacom are great for people that love to draw and want to move their drawing to the computer. Even excellent artists can have a tough time getting a drawing or picture just right using only a mouse or keyboard, even after years of practice and training.

Tablets such as those mentioned above allow them to almost immediately start drawing just like they did when they used “old fashioned” pen and paper, but instead of a piece of paper, there’s a screen that is drawn upon using a digital pen. This allows users to color, shade, highlight, and anything else with relative ease. I’ll get back to this a little later.

Introducing the Senic Flow PC Wireless Controller

Digital drawing tablets are so 20th Century though. Although they’ve undergone numerous transformations and improvements since they were first introduced, they’re still older tech. Another problem is that they require a fairly flat and stable surface in order to be used effectively.

The Senic Flow changes all that. Now all you need is your knee (if you want). The Senic flow is a small wireless device that is less than three inches in diameter and about half an inch tall, yet it has the power of something much bigger. Instead of using a mouse, keyboard, tablet, or whatever to use your computer, Flow lets you use hand gestures.

Use It to Control Music and Movie Playback

I’ve got a music playlist that is over eight gigabytes and holds about one thousand songs. I like them all, but there’s times when I might not want to listen to one or two while I’m working or playing on my computer. Once my Flow arrives, instead of having to bring up my media player software to skip forward or back, all I will have to do is swipe my hand over the device. Pause and play are just as easy. Flow also controls movies the same way.

Too much background noise to hear the music (A common problem for me since just outside my office window is an evangelical church with loads of screaming and yelling)? No problem whatsoever. Just place your hand over the Flow and lift. Up goes the volume.

Are You a Computer Shortcut Person?

Most programs allow you to create shortcuts to access nested menu items and commands. However, what if you could have a hand gesture that was a shortcut? Imagine, I’m busily typing away and I need to tell Word to type the next bit of text in Header size #2. I could hit the keystroke combo (if there is one), or I could just wave my hand over the flow in a certain way, or tap a certain part of it to indicate the start and finish of the subheading.

I see computer gamers loving this little device because of the advantages it’ll gain them. You’re playing World of Warcraft© or Call of Duty© and you need to quickly change to your favorite weapon. “Hold on evil overlord or bad guy, I’ve got to call up that special spell or weapon, let me click through the menus really quick to find it!” Flow is programmable, so you’ll be able to program it so that touching it at a certain spot, waving your hand a certain way, or twisting the cover will bring up that spell or weapon you desperately need to win the game, instantly.

Flow Isn’t Going to Just Stay at Home

Once you try the Flow PC wireless controller, you’re going to want to start using it at work, too. My readers may be surprised to find out that I suffer from pretty bad carpal tunnel syndrome, a repetitive stress injury. Without doubt I can honestly state that if this thing had come along 20 years ago, I would never have developed it. Most of the reason I developed it is because of my mouse use. If I hadn’t had my hand on a mouse for eight to ten hours a day, six days a week while working, and then even more after work, I would never have had to undergo corrective surgery and therapy.

Do you do presentations at work? Flow can help you there, too. Wave your hand across the top of the device to move to the next slide and move it the other direction to go back to answer that question that just came up. This is going to make teaching my ESL classes much easier.

A Special Section for the Artists Out There

When I first heard about Flow, I saw a short presentation showing someone doing some photo manipulation in Photoshop. Instead of going back and forth through the menu to adjust brush size and density, the presenter was just twisting the outer ring on the PC wireless controller and tapping here and there on the touch face.

Flow comes pre-programmed for many of the most popular commands/selections in Photoshop. As mentioned, two of these are brush size and hardness. Swipes let you use the blur tool without selecting it on the menu. Same with copy via layer, undo, and redo. However, Flow also learns as you use it. This means if there are other Photoshop commands that you use on a regular basis (My mom uses the red eye reduction tool quite often, for instance), Flow learns that and helps you set up a shortcut to use it.