Ever More Sling TV News to Take In


Looking for some good Sling TV news? What about some information on HBO’s future programming plans? Both companies have made ground-breaking announcements concerning their future plans. Sling TV’s announcement concerns new options for their subscribers, while the HBO announcement focused mainly on a new platform option for subscribers. Cord cutters, read on to see what these announcements were and what they might mean to you in regards to expanded viewing options.

What Sling TV Offers Now

Sling TV is one of the many companies that have sprung up over the past few years to give cord cutters more viewing and entertainment options. Sling TV differs from some of the other companies out there (Netflix and Hulu spring readily to mind here) is that most of their programming offerings are live TV channels. Live TV channels are the ones you get through Cable or Satellite TV connections and include such networks as Universal, TNT, and a few others. In total, Sling TV offers subscribers (before the Sling TV news announcement)access to 14 networks.

Cable and Satellite offer subscribers access to hundreds of channels, though. This puts Sling TV at a huge disadvantage over the Cable and Satellite providers and the powers that be at Sling TV know this. They’ve apparently been working feverishly on being able to give their subscribers more for their 20 bucks a month basic subscription service.

The Sling TV News is Twofold

The recent announcement by Sling TV is a two stage announcement. Current subscribers should see two new network options show up on their viewing menu already. These two new networks are AMC and IFC. This brings the total channels they offer as part of the basic package up to sixteen. Not bad for twenty bucks a month. Sling TV took great pains to ensure this was in place prior to the premiere of “Mad Men” this month.

The second part of their announcement also concerns programming options. However, these options aren’t part of a regular programming package; they’ll cost you an additional five bucks or so per month. Sling TV calls it their “Hollywood Extra” package and it includes five channels that are dedicated pretty much to movies and only movies. These new channels are:

  • Epix
  • Epix2
  • Epix3
  • Epix Drive-In
  • Sundance TV

Current Sling TV subscribers may recall that an announcement was made not too long ago that AMC and Epix would be coming to Sling, but at the time there were no firm plans of when. Now we know that these options are live and available to all subscribers. Movies on the Epix family of channels will last seven days, giving subscribers more viewing options. My main issue is that except for the Epix channels, there is no DVR capability, no stop, fast forward, or rewind options.

One More Bit of Sling TV News for You

No specifics were given, but Sling TV also recently made an announcement that they will offer on demand options for many of the live channels/networks that they currently offer. All they’ve said is this is “coming soon.” Nothing about pricing and, besides the Epix and AMC networks, nothing about exactly which of the networks they offer will be included in this. We also don’t know whether binge watchers will have to sit through the commercials or not. I’ll keep you updated as more Sling TV news comes my way.

HBO Made a Pretty Big Announcement Recently As Well

Not wanting to feel left out of the “big announcement” game, HBO also had some news. This announcement was directed mainly at people that have gamers in the household and was a joint announcement from Sony and HBO. To be specific, gamers that have a PlayStation 4 video game console. Although we knew it was coming, the big news is that PlayStation 4 owners will now be able to access all their HBO and HBO Go content on their PlayStation once they download the app from the PlayStation store.

So, what do think? Are either of these announcements likely to convince you to cut cords and subscribe? Let me know either way in the comments below.