Energy Efficiency with Lutron Remote Control Window Shades


Smart home automation options for consumers in search of stylish window coverings includes energy efficient Lutron Remote Control Window Shades. No longer will you need to get up from the comfort of your couch to raise or lower your window shades. It is now as easy as picking up your hand-held remote control and pressing a few buttons for adjustable privacy, comfort and convenience.

Cordless Shades Provide Convenient Control

Home automation features of the Lutron Serena Remote Control Window Shades include the convenience of Pico Wireless Control. Serena Shades use technology that works in conjunction with radio frequency (RF) waves that provide consumers with the ability to effortlessly operate their shades no matter where they are located within the room. Unlike other hand-held remotes such as those that you use to operate your cable or digital TV, Pico does not require that you be standing in the direct line-of-sight of a Serena Shade to control it.

The range of the Pico Wireless Control unit extends out to a range of 30 feet during operation. This in turn provides you with multiple options relative to the placement of Pico. You can simply pick up the device within your hand for quick operation or use an available faceplate adapter and faceplate if you decide that you want to mount the unit on a wall. Another cool feature of the Pico Wireless Control is its ability to remotely operate and control more than one Serena Shade at any time. Consumers can purchase the 4-group wireless remote unit if they need the capability to efficiently control multiple shades within each of the four groups in their households.

Serena Shades Provide Energy Savings Year-Round

Lutron Serena Remote Control Window Shades are stylish and fashionable as well as being energy efficient. Their innovative design works to keep your home cooler during the warmer months and helps you to cut back on winter heating costs by insulating against the cold temperatures. Lutron offers several style and fabric options for consumers to purchase, which includes honeycomb and roller style. If you are looking for shades that will provide you with energy savings throughout the year, your best bet is to go with the honeycomb style shades.

The technology behind how this works is simple. During the warmer summer months, the insulating properties of the honeycomb shades work to keep your home cooler. When the weather turns colder during the fall and winter months, the honeycomb style’s insulating properties once again benefit you by trapping the warm air within a room and keeping the cold air out. Lutron offers consumers several shade collection styles that have varying levels of light filtering and insulating capabilities to meet varying needs for their households. The honeycomb design, which provides higher levels of insulation, offers almost 100 options for style and color selection.

Features and Applications of Serena Shades

You can quickly adjust the level of your Serena Shades by raising or lowering them with the efficient, battery-operated Pico Wireless Remote Control unit. The batteries are long lasting and with regular daily usage will hold their power in the range of about 3-5 years. Pico relies upon the wireless Lutron’s Clear Connect RF technology to power the shades during operation. Pico has a LED indicator light to provide you with “visual feedback” for guidance during usage. (Lutron, 2015)

Configuration options for Pico include choices for table top, hand-held, wall-mount, or car visor control. There are 5 button configurations and 5 color finish choices available for consumers. A recently added feature to Pico includes Nightlight that will help you to more easily see the unit at night. There is no need to worry about your children or pets playing with cords as the Serena Shades utilize an efficient cordless design.

Lutron’s Serena Remote Control Shades are easy to install, offer low maintenance, are stylish, and help consumers to save money on energy costs by providing efficient insulation during all four seasons of the year. Lutron provides consumers with several online guides that offer helpful tips as well as a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page that has more detailed info and answers to common inquires about the product.

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