Edyn Smart Home Connected Garden


Novice gardeners aspiring to have a green thumb, as well as more experienced plant lovers will benefit from what the Edyn Smart Home Connected Garden has to offer. As an innovative gardening solution for those seeking a way to nurture their plants and make them thrive, the Edyn smart gardening system will track and monitor conditions and even water your plants when they are thirsty and in need of refreshing moisture.

How Does the Edyn Smart Gardening System Work?

The Edyn Smart Home Connected Garden consists of a sensor and water valve that operate using Wi-Fi technology. Using Eden is quite simple — you take the sensor, which resembles a colorful garden stake, and insert it into the soil where you are growing and cultivating your beautiful cornucopia of plants, flowers and vegetables. The Eden garden sensor will expertly monitor, track and provide you with important information that includes humidity and soil nutrition as well as pH levels, ambient temperature, and light intensity.

The Eden water valve, which is another component of the Eden gardening system, uses a regular, standard garden hose thread. The Eden water valve is compatible with multiple types of watering systems including the traditional soaker hose, as well as drip irrigation or sprinkler systems. When your garden is in need of moisture based on the data collected by the Eden garden sensor, the Eden water valve will automatically provide your plants with just the right amount of water to quench their thirst without overly soaking them.

Features of the Edyn Smart Home Connected Garden

To keep your plants happy and healthy, the Edyn Smart Home Connected Garden uses solar-powered energy to continually monitor and care for your garden. Edyn comes with a rechargeable backup lithium polymer battery, which is a bonus particularly on cloudy or overcast days when the sun decides to take a short break from its duty of providing endless, daily sunshine.

The Eden sensor and the water valve are made to be resistant against weather-related wear caused by rain and direct sun as well as garden variety pesticides and fertilizers. Gardeners will appreciate that the Edyn gardening system has the ability to provide controlled, automated plant watering based on changing needs and weather conditions.

Eden Provides Gardening Tips for Your Region

Healthy, happy plants thrive best in growing conditions that are most suitable for the region where they are located. The Edyn Smart Home Connected Garden will hook you up to a virtual database in the Edyn Cloud that will guide you with helpful growing tips for your planting zone. Think of the information within the Eden Cloud database as being similar to the wonderful gardening hints contained within a farmer’s almanac.

Using a Wi-Fi network to connect to Edyn’s virtual database in the cloud, the Edyn smart gardening system receives and transmits data that you can view on your mobile device using the smartphone Edyn App. The Edyn system will guide you to choosing plants that are best suited for the climate where your garden grows. The system’s smartphone app will also alert you when your garden’s soil could benefit from the addition of compost or other additional nutrients.

Future of the Edyn Smart Home Connected Garden

The founder of the Edyn smart gardening system is Jason Aramburu. Jason is a dedicated soil scientist and ecologist who earned his education at Princeton University. Continuing his work with the goal of contributing knowledge to the areas of conservation and sustainable environmental practices, Jason worked on multiple projects across the regions of Africa as well as Panama.

In partnership with Yves Behar as the designer, Edyn was successful in campaigning for financial backing and support from Kickstarter. Now that the promotional campaign has closed, watch the Edyn site closely for upcoming promotions and news as to the date when this innovative gardening tool will be available. The Edyn system notes on their website, at the time of this article, that they will “be opening up shop soon”, so keep a keen and watchful eye for your opportunity to pre-order and purchase the Edyn Smart Home Connected Garden system.