Enhance Storage Space: Earthlink Webmail

Earthlink Webmail can help users get more personal storage space.

In the modern world of information technology you can’t get enough of storage space. There is always that urge for that bit more. Earthlink webmail is a premium email service that allows its customers the ability to increase their storage space from the default allowable storage by the bill plan. This extra space can be used by customers to store the email and its associated attachments on their servers.

The default allowable storage at the servers is 100 MB. The customers are provided storage enhancements in the following three levels.

  • The first one would increase the storage by 500 MB on a single email address and it would cost the customer $1.95.
  • In the next setup, the customer has to pay $3.95 to increase storage by 2GB on a single email address.
  • In the third and final option, the most cost-effective one, the customer pays $4.95 to get 3 GB extra storage on all the active email addresses on a single account. That would mean that if you have six email addresses linked to a single account, you will get an additional 3GB storage space in each one of them. This plan, however, has a few terms and conditions attached to it. The customer must have an Internet connection product or must buy software from the Earthlink server as part of their monthly service. The plan is only limited to consumer products associated with the server and cannot be availed by business and web hosting customers.

Availing more storage space does not mean an increase in the maximum size of attachments that can be sent using the webmail. The attachments are still limited to a maximum size of 10 MB. The earlier plans provided an increase of only a 100, 200 or 300 MB of storage space. The plans will not change to new ones on their own. The customer has to go through the steps in the “My Account” section to add new plans to get benefits of 500-plus MB, 2-plus GB, 3-plus GB plans.

The incoming server is called POP3, which is based on the individual mail address. The outgoing SMTP server remains the same regardless of the email address and would always ask for authentication for the purpose of security and differentiation among different clients.

The customers would be required to enter their email address and password to pass the authentication. The outgoing SMTP server should have the correct address. The customer must tick the check box that says the outgoing SMTP server requires authentication and enter the email and password. If the mail is still not sent, change the SMTP port number to 587 through the “Advanced Account Settings” section. To check it online go to the official site and enter your full email address along with the password.

The Advanced Account Settings could be changed to leave a copy of the messages at the server, so that the email messages can be downloaded and be left at the webmail. This will leave the messages on the webmail until the user deletes them. The storage space is large especially due to the enhancements plans, but it is not unlimited, so the users must regularly remove unnecessary mails. If the user does not do it there will be a point at which he will stop receiving further mails due to non availability of space. By default the mails get deleted from the server once they are downloaded.

With close to 2 million users nationwide, Atlanta-based EarthLink is a popular ISP in the United States. It offers both dialup and High Speed internet access. Most plans come with eight email addresses. This means each member of the family can get their own inbox that is accessible with its own username and password.

As mentioned earlier, one account is capable of offering eight email addresses, which is higher than some other email only accounts. It also has a spam blocker that automatically blocks a lot of spam and provides various levels of protection from it. Its high setting will only allows emails from people in your address book. The user can however approve a message from outside their address list when they are alerted about it. The blocks associated with the account are not based on domain names and are methods to reduce spam. The customers can change the settings to allow a certain domain name, which is being blocked to control spam. EarthLink webmail provides a unique and efficient system to manage emails and attachments.