Download ooVoo, Start Sharing with Friends

Download ooVoo to chat with your friends

Instant messaging and video chat are just a few of the great features available when you sign up for ooVoo. Whether you want to connect with friends using your desktop computer or prefer to chat using your mobile device, you can do it all!

Great for Video Calls, Chats and Screen Sharing

Did you know that ooVoo’s services will work on PC’s and Macs — and best of all, it is free! If you need to make a conference video call, it will easily accommodate up to 12 people all at one time. This feature works well for business meetings and keeping everyone informed. It is also fantastic for those times when family members all want to squeeze into the conversation.

Instant messaging is just one more of the many outstanding things you can do. High-definition (HD) and high-resolution video calls are just one step away with a webcam that supports high quality images. YouTube enthusiasts will love being able to create and upload video calls.

Who doesn’t love being able to go into full-screen mode during a video call or chat? Viewing is more enjoyable when you can easily see everyone you are connecting with. It is almost as if you were right there in the room with them! There is no added charge for using the full screen mode, so enjoy!

Use ooVoo for Social Networking

Popular social media sites such as Facebook are one way you can have video chats with friends and family members. When you download the mobile video chat app, ooVoo fine tunes it so that it will work with your mobile phone, tablet and social networking accounts. It is compatible with both Android products and Apple devices such as the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

As a bonus, mobile consumers will be happy to learn that they can use ooVoo with wireless devices and networks. The mobile app can also be used to send out video chat invitations to friends by using social networking sites, such as Twitter, or by using the invite tab to connect through email messaging.

Instant messaging is yet one more way to enjoy ooVoo on mobile devices. Imagine being able to instantaneously connect and share with 12 people all at the same time! Not only is it possible, but instant messaging also works on both iPhone devices and Android mobile phones.

Make Internet Phone Calls Around the World

Your computer can be used to connect with others and make video calls around the globe when you buy ooVoo credits. For a very affordable per minute rate, consumers can use ooVoo for both mobile and landline telephone calls. This service also allows callers to go to full-screen mode when posting and sharing documents and images during the call.


Did you know that with ooVoo’s phone service you can send and share files? You can do this whether or not the recipient is offline or connected with you during the upload. Sending files with ooVoo phone is both fast and easy.

Other features of the phone service include the “Call Me” button. During social networking, while sending emails or blogging, users can include the “Call Me” button, so that other ooVoo users will see and click on the icon to quickly connect for a friendly chat. You can control your list of contacts by using the provided privacy option tools.

Customer Service and Support Features

New customers that sign up for ooVoo will be happy to know that there is an online support center. The website provides answers to many commonly asked questions that provide guidance and help customers resolve any problems. For starters, the link for application features provides tips on chat rooms and posting video content to YouTube. If you find yourself having problems with the screen-sharing feature, there are suggestions posted.

Frustrating error messages when trying to download ooVoo are also covered and supportive assistance is provided. What should you do if you cannot sign in to your ooVoo account? The support center offers numerous helpful tips to get you connected in no time at all. There is also a special support section set up just for Mac users.

Most customers will appreciate the support link for ooVoo’s how-to and general type questions. This page is very helpful and does a great job of covering all the basics from changing your ID, how to search for friends, importing email contacts and changing your passwords. The customer support site for ooVoo is available around-the-clock, no matter what time it is or where you are located. Their website is very informative and also very user friendly, so enjoy!