Digging the Dish Network Channel Lineup

Dish Network Channel Lineup

The Dish Network channel lineup is something you’ll want to research to see if Satellite TV service from Dish Network is right for you. Dish Network is a direct-broadcast Satellite TV service provider that was founded in 1996, and its current headquarters is located in Meridian, Colorado. With a customer base of over 14 million, Dish Network has become one of the biggest names in TV.

What Dish Network Channel Lineup Offers

The Dish Network channel lineup boasts over 290 channels in one of their topmost packages (America’s Top 250), and their basic Family Package offers about 40 channels judging by this lineup.

When comparing packages elsewhere on their website, it would appear that the America’s Top 120 package, which claims over 190 channels, has only around 115. The 75 other channels appear to be the Dish Music or SiriusXM musical channels, which are audio only.

The Dish Network Channel Lineup also offers three Latino packages with comprehensive lineups for Spanish speaking families. Better yet, they also offer DishLATINO Max, a blend of Spanish and English programming for bilingual families that starts at $39.99 a month. A pretty neat feature, if you ask me.

Of course, high-definition channels are a major selling point for service providers these days, and Dish Network is no different. Dish Network has an impressive selection of HD channels, such as History, Nickelodeon, Discovery, Disney, Bravo, Comedy Central, CNN, ABC, SyFy, and many, many more. Not to mention one of the few perks of Satellite TV over other providers is the fact that they provide the crispest, most crystal clear quality of HD viewing, trumping even the picture quality of Digital HD Cable TV.

Extra Packages and Channels

As with any provider, there are a number of channels not included in standard program packages that may need to be added on (if you want these channels) for an additional monthly charge. With Dish Network, you have a pretty wide selection of these packages. Their premium movie packages include the big name networks, like HBO, Cinemax, ShowTime, and Starz.

When Blockbuster Video went bankrupt a few years back, they were actually bought out by Dish Network. It turned out to be a smart move, allowing Dish Network to convert Blockbuster Video’s services to incorporate them into Dish services. The Blockbuster portion of Dish Network comes in the form of Blockbuster @Home, a “mini-pack” that carries another 20 entertainment channels, such as Crime & Investigation, Epix 1, 2, and 3, the Fox Movie Channel, IndiePlex, and more. To top it off, Blockbuster @Home is Dish Network’s method of competing with big names like Netflix and Hulu Plus, by offering thousands of movies via streaming through your TVs, computers, or mobile devices. Blockbuster @Home also has a DVD rental service similar to that of Netflix.

How Are They Stacking Up?

It seems Dish Network makes their channel lineup harder to research than the other providers. One thing I’ve always liked about Comcast is that they give you a straight and simple channel lineup of what is offered in each package. If you input your address, it’ll even lay out your local listings if you’re searching for a specific channel number.

In my search of the Dish Network channel lineup, I went to their main site, and looked at their channels and packages, and then had to select multiple packages to compare their channel lineups. Googling was what finally brought me to the channel lineup linked above, which was a step I consider unnecessary. If I’m searching for a new TV provider, their channel lineup is one of the first things I want available to me prominently displayed on their site.

Blockbuster @Home is a relatively new service and is obviously still expanding its channel lineup and streaming options. While the extra channels are nice, no one seems hugely impressed with the programs they offer, and their on-demand streaming leaves something to be desired. In this regard, Netflix is leaps and bounds ahead of them.

Overall, Dish Network has DirecTV beat in terms of channels offered by Satellite TV providers. With its list of 20-plus International Packages (including Japanese, Italian, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese), plus Pay-Per-View listings, they definitely offer customers more than enough options to satisfy most any needs.

Dish Network may have its share of problems (as any Satellite TV provider does). However, one thing they’re doing right is offering a broad selection of channels to its customers. If you’re someone looking for the widest array of TV options, you might want to consider looking into the Dish Network channel lineup.

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