Digital Video Games Total $49 Billion Worldwide in 2014


SuperData Research reports that the worldwide video games market eclipsed $49 billion in 2014, and 95 percent of that money came from the mobile and PC gaming industries specifically.

In an interview with, Joost van Druenen talked about recent sales and what lies ahead for the industry in 2015.

“The question is, are we looking at an entirely new industry, or in parts?” said SuperData co-founder and CEO Joost van Druenen. “Every generation thinks they invent sex. And every generation is wrong. Sure, now we have mobile gaming and digital distribution, but 80 percent of the traditional rules still apply. It’s still about marketing, it’s still about development. Can you pull your team together? Do you have a credible go-to-market plan? Do you have a way to get customers engaged? How do you build loyalty and lifetime value? That never went away, it’s just we’re doing it under different conditions.”