Daytime TV on Time Warner Channel Lineup

Watching TV - Time Warner Channel Lineup

Whether you called in sick today, or the weather has kept you home it doesn’t matter — you now get to sit back and relax with a little television. The daytime shows in the Time Warner channel lineup may not be as exciting as those in the evening, but there is still some good things to watch.

Many of these shows are also available to watch through various sites online, but to watch them live, you’ll need to catch them during the day.

Daytime Time Warner Channel Lineup

Talk Shows

Soap operas and talk shows have always been the basis for daytime television, however, they have both changed with the times. Soap operas are still basically the same, but talk shows have gone well beyond the realm of gossip. Today’s talk shows discuss everything. They cover the typical fashion and health, but they also cover politics, gardening, home improvement and everything else you can think of.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show (NBC, 3pm CST)

Ellen will always have you laughing or crying. She brings on such a different variety of guests from a singing 4-year-old, to the President of the United States. She really seems to have a lot of fun on her show and so do the people on the show and the audience.

The View (ABC, 10am CST)

Now this show can sometimes get a little wild and crazy. All of these women come from different walks of life, and they bring a different mixture to the talk show environment. They will have a variety of guests from TV and news personalities to Billy Crystal and Kevin Hart.

Variety News

These shows offer up a little more than your typical morning news. They give you the highlights without all the boring details. They let you know what is happening in the world, or just your neighborhood, without having to sit through hours of stuff you’re not interested in.

Good Morning America (ABC, 7am CST)

This early morning show is full of a never ending variety. It mixes entertainment, news, interviews, and features. It’s a good wake up for anyone that wants to catch up on the world with a few laughs in between.

The Today Show (NBC, 7am CST)

A variety and news show that gives you everything in quick, easy segments. They cover everything from today’s top news features to movie releases, and it’s all done with a touch of humor. It’s not your typically boring news program.

Game Shows

Another staple of daytime programming are the game shows. These shows come and go, but a few of them have stayed the course and those are the ones we all know and love.

Wheel of Fortune (ABC, 2:30pm CST)

“Can I have a vowel?” A phrase many of grew up listening to and can still catch. The show has been around through generations and millions have watched Vanna flip the letters while Alex prompts the contestants for over 30 years.

The Price is Right (CBS, 10am CST)

We all remember when Bob Barker was the host of this retail guessing game and we all waited for the next name to be called. “Come on down!” is still used as they pull contestants at random from the audience.

The really good thing about the Time Warner channel lineup is the variety that it allows for every kind of television viewer. If you are stuck at home during the day, then you will find a television program for you. They have the cartoons and educational shows for children, the soap operas, judge shows, and games shows in the middle of the day and the sitcoms for the evening.

The sports enthusiasts can tune into ESPN for a variety of sports related news, events and games. For a summary of the sporting world they can always catch SportsCenter (11am CST). This show is a favorite of sports enthusiasts everywhere. They give you sports news, scores and highlights, while providing insightful commentary and analysis. This one of a kind news program provides interviews and trivia making it entertaining for even those that are not sports junkies.

The animal and nature lover can always watch “Meerkat Manor” on Animal Planet (7am CST). This engaging show lets you watch these adorable animals as they forage for food, battle rival groups and avoid predators.

If you are home with small children PBS has a variety of childrens programming available most of the day or there are several other channels such as Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and Disney.

Whether you are interested in cooking, home remodeling, or the weather you are bound to find something to catch your interest. Daytime TV is not what it used to be in the Time Warner channel lineup.