Customized Monitoring with Scout Security Systems for Homes


When it comes to options for security systems for homes, some consumers want the choice of being able to custom design their own unique monitoring system. Scout Security Systems provides multiple options that include stress-free and simple installation with no tools, remote mobile monitoring with customized alert notifications, and no contracts to sign. With Scout Security you can choose which devices you want to install and whether you want to subscribe to the basic monitoring plan or upgrade to the professional level, 24/7 monitoring service.

Components of the Scout Home Security System and How They Work

Scout Hub is the central monitoring station that works in unison with all the other components of the Scout Security System. The Scout Hub device works with the downloaded Scout app, provides whole home security monitoring, and will notify you by sending alerts to your computer or your smartphone. Stay in the loop and know exactly where activity has occurred when sensors let you know what area of your home has been compromised. Using a wireless network to communicate with other Scout devices, the Scout Hub relies upon a 3G cellular chip to keep your Scout Home Security System up and working when the Wi-Fi is down. In the event of a power outage, backup batteries will keep you running for a period of up to 24 hours.

The Scout Door Panel provides an extra layer of security when you mount it on entry ways into your home. You can choose how many Door Panels you want to use and post a unit on multiple entry ways for added protection. The Door Panels are easily armed and disarmed with the provided key fob or radio-frequency identification sticker (RFID). There is no need for wiring and tools as the device is battery powered and simple to install. The option to share access is available when you want to extend that privilege for entry. When the Door Panel senses unauthorized access, the unit will produce a 106DB alarm to ward off potential intruders.

Scout’s Access Sensor provides an added layer of protection when you mount it on windows or other specific areas of your home to protect and secure valuables. You can also place the Access Sensor on doors, safes, and cabinets to prevent break-ins and theft of your belongings. The Scout Home Security System will automatically sound off an alarm and notify you when access has been breached. Access Sensors are easily put in place in designated areas using the sticky adhesive tape when mounting the units within areas to be protected.

Get extended coverage with the Scout Motion Sensor for those areas of your home where a potential burglar could gain access without having to open a door or window. With a range of up to 25 feet, the Motion Sensor will target break-ins that may occur when a burglar breaks glass windows or glass doors to obtain entry. You get a full 90 degrees of viewing coverage with the Motion Sensor to capture intruders around the clock during daytime and nighttime hours. The unit does not require any wiring and can be placed on tables and shelving as well as on walls and corners for protective monitoring.

Keep connected and secure with Scout’s HD Video Camera for monitoring and to capture and record intruders when break-ins occur. You get two-way audio so that potential burglars will know that a security system is in place, which can benefit you by frightening them away when they hear your voice. The high-definition (HD) streaming feature records and timestamps all activity, which is important as use for evidence when a crime has been committed and authorities are notified. The HD Video Camera comes equipped with superb night vision to provide clear image quality during both daylight hours as well as during the evening hours. Consumers have the option of subscribing to one of Scout’s Cloud backup plans to store recorded security video footage.

Scout Security Monitoring Plans

Scout’s Security Systems for Homes provides consumers with the option of choosing between two available monitoring service plans, both of which require no annual signed contracts. Both options give you the benefit of getting real-time notification alerts when the Scout Security Home System’s sensors are tripped during potential break-ins or unusual activity.

The Always On monitoring plan option has some great features and includes email and SMS alerts, iOS push notifications, 3G cellular and battery backup plus the Scout app that provides remotely controlled monitoring. With the Always On service plan, you get to decide whether the incident requires contacting the police or if it is simply a false alarm.

For those consumers that want the added coverage of around-the-clock, professional level monitoring, the Always On+ plan is a great choice. This option includes all the perks of the Always On service plan but comes with the extra security that is provided with having access to a professional, U/L-Certified security monitoring service center. When your Scout sensors are tripped during a potential break-in, professionals will use the recorded security footage captured by the HD Video Camera and contact police to have them respond to the incident if required.

Scout Security Customer Support

Consumers that purchase Scout Security products will have access to a full range of support tools. The company website provides access to online tutorials, a Knowledge Base, a Community Forum, and multiple ways for directly contacting a customer service rep. Guidance during installation of Scout’s Security Systems for Homes includes videos for all the individual components as well as a separate video that covers full installation in detail.

The Scout Security Knowledge Base is like a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page that provides consumers with solutions to questions about a variety of topics related to installation and monitoring. Consumers can also check out the Scout Community Forum and engage in online discussions with others that have purchased and regularly use a Scout Security product. Customer service reps are available via online Chat, email, or directly by telephone for backup support and assistance.