Creek Smart Wi-Fi Clock Provides Centralized Home Hub Services


The Creek Smart Wi-Fi Clock gives you a total package system for complete centralized monitoring that provides protection on multiple levels. The unit is functional and is designed to network with smart devices that provide you with remote monitoring and control, location tracking, mobile device charging, and much more. Not only do you get a great alarm clock, but Creek can also be used as a baby monitor, for video conversations, and to protect you and your family from carbon monoxide and smoke.

Features of the Creek Home Automation Hub System

The highlight of Creek is the smart Wi-Fi clock that integrates and networks with the other Lark Wi devices to create a home automation hub. Creek uses Zigbee and Bluetooth technology for connectivity between the different units within the system. Networking is provided by a Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n.

The complete system includes Creek Smart Wi-Fi clocks, smart LED light bulbs, a wireless remote smart plug, temperature sensor location tags, room accuracy location tags/panic button, the smart smoke alarm, and the smart carbon monoxide alarm.

The central Wi-Fi clock unit is designed with a 7 inch multi-point capacitive touch screen that provides crisp, clear viewing. The monitor’s screen uses a 1024 x 600 color LCD display that makes it easier to see the time clearly regardless of where you are located within the room.

For the alarm clock feature, Creek offers a variety of sounds so you can wake up to your favorite selections such as “birds chirping.” The unit has an adjustable display so you can change the level of brightness depending on the time of day. Creek also includes a traditional snooze button so you can catch a few more winks before getting up.

Creek Provides In-House Location Tracking

Keep track of your belongings, pets, and mobile devices with Lark-Wi smart location tags that are included with the home hub system. When you connect the MU601/MU701 tags to an item or pet, Creek will automatically track its location. You can select to have the location tags light up or produce a ringing sound to help you zero in and find what you are looking for. You do not need to use your smartphone or other mobile device with the location tags as Creek does all the work for you.

Baby Monitor and Sleep Sounds Included

Creek will let you check the temperature of your baby’s room when used in conjunction with a Lark-Wi MU601 temperature sensor. The information is easily viewed on the Creek monitor display screen. The unit’s snapshot feature lets you take photos while your baby is sleeping that can be later viewed and shared with family and friends. Creek will lull your baby to a quiet and restful sleep with “continuous play sleep sounds.”

Enjoy Video and Voice Wi-Fi Intercom

You can place several Creek units throughout your home to take advantage of the Wi-Fi intercom features. Capabilities include both video and voice, which is a great way to keep an eye on your kids or connect with others in the household such as the elderly. Enjoy a two-way video conversation no matter where the monitors may be located. The system is equipped with motion camera and sound detection monitors that will alert you when there is activity.

Creek Wi-Fi Clock Includes Built-In Lark-Wi Charger

Creek provides you with fast charging for your smartphone and tablet. The charger is compatible for using with Apple or Android devices. The built-in charger can boost power more quickly than standard chargers included with an iPhone. Get your device’s battery back up to full power while monitoring the status of the charge on the dashboard of your Creek Wi- Fi clock. The monitor will display the unit’s charging current, voltage, and power to keep you informed of your mobile device’s battery capacity and power level.

Creek and Kickstarter Promotional Campaign

Check out the Creek Smart Wi-Fi Clock and Home Hub on Kickstarter. At the time of this article, Creek had already surpassed their funding goal for the project, which is targeted to end on May 21, 2015. Keep tuned in to the progress of Creek where you can place a pre-order on the company’s website or directly on Kickstarter. Estimated availability of the Creek smart home products is scheduled for delivery in August 2015.