Crackle Free Movies: Too Good to Be True?

Crackle Free Movies -- Too Good to Be True?

Crackle free movies and television shows is a hidden gem. Movies and TV shows On Demand are one of the hottest commodities right now, with places like Hulu Plus, Netflix, Comcast On Demand, and others all vying to be the best. All of them, however, include a monthly fee to access.

Hulu Plus’ specialty is newer TV shows, including currently airing seasons, while Netflix offers previous seasons and a large library of movies — old and new — at a very reasonable $7.99 a month price point. Netflix is also getting a lot of attention for their original series, such as “Orange is the New Black.” On Demand is a freebie that comes along with a Comcast Cable TV subscription, although many of its newer, more relevant movies charge an additional fee ranging from $1.99 up to $7.99., though, just might be a better alternative, if you’re trying to cut some costs while still staying entertained. Completely free, Crackle relies on the use of ads and short commercials to fund its site, much like how Hulu’s free service does.
Crackle Free Movies

So What Does Offer?

Crackle began its life as an online video site called Grouper, which was purchased by Sony Entertainment in 2007 and converted into Crackle. This is why a large portion of Crackle’s content comes straight from the Sony library.

Crackle has an impressive library of television shows, such as “Seinfeld,” “Rescue Me,” and “Married With Children,” anime series (“Aquarion,” “Durarara!!” and “R.O.D. The TV.” Browsing their selection, I’m struck by the number of lesser known shows, some of which I don’t recall seeing on sites such as Netflix.

This site is also taking a step into original content territory. They began in 2010 with some short-platform series, meaning short episodes, and then in 2011 began moving into long-form programming, much like Netflix has recently been doing. These shows include “American Dreamers,” “Chosen,” and “The Unknown.” “Chosen” seems to have gained a bit of popularity — enough that it was commissioned for a second season.

Their website is clean, quick loading, and relatively easy to navigate by title or genre. The most important thing is that Crackle is 100-percent free, and offers a much larger library than Hulu’s basic, free service that I’ve always found to be disappointing and subpar.

How Do I Access Crackle Free Movies?

Simply visit and click “register.” I was able to register in under 10 seconds by connecting with my Facebook account (you can also share what you’re watching through Facebook), and I had access to their library immediately. Even without using a Facebook account, registration is quick and easy; it requires you to fill out a short form and verify your email. Crackle gives you the opportunity to create your own watch list, a queue of sorts, so you can keep up on your favorite shows and be alerted when new episodes or content is added. These are handy features primarily for the Crackle original shows.

You aren’t just limited to watching Crackle free movies and shows on your computer, either. Crackle offers downloadable apps for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and most mobile devices. Google Play has the app up for download, and it averages a 3.5 star rating. Not too shabby.

The only thing you’ll need other than a phone, tablet, gaming system, or computer in which to stream Crackle movies is a good High Speed Internet connection that can handle the load. Most DSL or broadband connections these days can do this, but if you’re having problems with streaming, your Internet speed might be the primary issue.
Crackle Free Movies Choices

What’s the Catch?

As long as you don’t mind enduring a few commercials here and there, then there’s not really any catch. Ensure your computer meets the minimum system requirements to properly stream videos. You won’t find much in high definition, either. A majority of Crackle free movies and shows are only available in 360p and 480p, rather than the more popular 720p.

Although it does have an impressive library, Crackle still isn’t as expansive as Hulu Plus or Netflix. Also, with sites like Netflix, occasionally shows that were previously available are removed due to licenses expiring. This isn’t anything new, and at least Crackle lists when their shows will be expiring, so you know how much time you have.

While their Android app boasts a decent 3.5 stars, some of the common complaints for low ratings include constant crashing of the app, freezing of content during playback, or the nuisance of the ads. The constant need to buffer playback content can also be annoying, but should only be an issue if your Internet or Wi-Fi connection has more than just Crackle or the app running. This is similar to Hulu, Netflix, and other streaming sites.

In the end, is a great alternative if you aren’t looking for the newest television shows or movies, and don’t want to worry about that extra monthly cable fee. It’s also completely legal, making it a safer option over illegal torrent sites. While they say, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is,” Crackle free movies seems to be the exception to that rule.