Cox TV Listings: Secrets for the Best Viewing Experience

Cox TV Listings

If you’re a Cox Communications TV subscriber you have access to a wealth of channels, programming and On Demand entertainment options. In fact, there’s so much offered by Cox it can sometime be overwhelming to find and choose which programs to watch, record or order On Demand. Here’s what you need to know about Cox TV listings.

Start On Site

It’s a good idea to start with the Cox Authorized Offers website and find out what kind of channel lineup is offered in your area. If you head to their residential television page, you’ll be given the option to input your ZIP code or state and city, from there, you’ll get a list of all the channels available in your area, which are included in Cox packages. For example, the TV Starter package includes 72 channels but does not come with Cox On Demand programming. Advanced TV gives you 291 channels, but some specialty options such as the NHL Network, Fusion or Nicktoons are not included. At the top end, Cox offers their Advanced TV Ultimate, including 451 channels along with options to add in hundreds more a la carte.

Again, it’s important to start with Cox Cable TV directly to see which channels are available where you live. If you’re not comfortable searching online for the information, give them a call and ask about your city specifically. Live agents can also help you get exactly the channel lineup you want without paying too much.

Consider Technology

A potential problem with Cox TV listings is that they can be overwhelming; when even the basic cable package includes 72 channels it’s often difficult to choose what to watch, when to watch it or decide what’s worth recording. One option is to order an HD DVR. This cable box upgrade lets you pause and rewind television, record two shows at once (or one show while watching another) and set up program record options from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet.

If you have a large family (or are a TV connoisseur) you may want to consider Cox Contour. Contour lets you create up to eight individual viewing profiles, each of which generates personal show recommendations based on history and feedback from users. The results are based not only on live TV programming, but also data from Cox’s On Demand selection, meaning you have access to an endlessly-updated supply of content. In addition, Contour lets you upgrade to the Record 6 DVR, able to record six shows at once and store 1000 hours of programming. Profile control is also available using your mobile device and the Contour App.

You can also opt-in for value added services like TV Caller ID. If you’re a Cox Digital Telephone or Cox Advanced TV subscriber, you can add TV Caller ID at no extra charge, which displays the name and number of any telephone callers on your television screen, letting you decide if it’s worth answering of if the call can wait. If you aren’t using Cox Digital Telephone, you phone service must have caller ID enabled.

Look for Cox TV Listings

Once you’ve decided what kind of Cox TV setup works best for you, it’s time to find the best TV listings. Your first choice is to use the on-screen guide provided by your digital cable box, HD DVR or Record 6 DVR. While these might offer all the information you need, the small number of channels displayed on each screen can make finding what you want a time-consuming chore. Another option is to consider online television guides like LocateTV, which provide a snapshot of the current TV lineup in your area and for your provider.

While similar to the layout of a DVR guide screen, online listings are easy to scroll, meaning you can quickly sort through hundreds of channels to find the right program. And instead of using a universal remote to punch in the first few letters of a television show, just use your Internet browser’s “Find” utility and perform a quick keyword search. If you prefer a touch-enabled experience, the Contour app offers a great way to search for Cox TV listings on your iPad or iPhone.

Cox has a huge array of channels and some of the industry’s best TV watching technology. To make the most of your plan, make sure to find a Cox TV listing that’s easy to use, straightforward and gives you control over your viewing experience.