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ADT Home Security is the world leader in providing electronic safety to its customers. It has a whopping 6.5 billion sales in over 50 countries and about 7 million customers. A bulk of the top retailers and Fortune 500 companies utilize the services of this system to save their buildings and businesses. They have quite a dynamic range, providing security services to structures as varied as a small shop to the largest retail store. Airports, hotels, factories and even banks rely on their security systems.

Experts at ADT help customers in assessing their security risks, so that they could develop an apt solution according to the requirements of the customer. We’re going to take a look at the home protection solutions. The firm has had the trust and respect of the customers for 130 years, providing quality and customized services round the clock. This includes monitoring for burglary, fire threats, police and medical emergencies. The central monitoring system is capable of responding to every single emergency in the shortest possible time.

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The company is equipped with state-of-the-art contact center technology that greatly enhances the customer experience. This monitored security system is continuously in contact with the security professionals who excel in protection against burglaries, fires, gas leaks, etc. If someone breaks into the house without the knowledge of the customer, an alarm is triggered to send the signal quickly to this capable security staff who can then tackle the situation accordingly.

Duress or other attacks are also dealt with by the emergency services of the monitoring center. There is a fire and gas leak detection system that is responsible for checking any symptoms of fire or gas. Any such threat is immediately signals the monitoring center, which alerts the fire fighting department before any substantial damage. For higher levels of protection, the security system provides additional protection packages which include CCTV protection, entry and access control on the doors, appropriate fencing and intruder immune gates, reliable asset protection, and for customers who desire the most advanced protection against fire threats, they provide standalone fire systems.

Protect Your Home and Business

The business solutions by the company go a step further than just your regular burglar and fire alarms. There is a list of impressive protection technologies like video surveillance, digital storage and recording, electronic access control systems, wireless video intrusion detection and alarm monitoring, to drastically reduce the threats faced by businesses. It is the part of the service that looks after the protection interests of the company’s employees, assets and business as a whole.

The free on-site risk assessment by professionals gives an idea to the customers of the probable threats to the life and property of the customer. These assessments play a vital role in designing a security structure that can best counter the threats and still be cost effective, the latter making it a practical option.

Most of the world’s leading companies prefer ADT Home Security for security solutions — about 80-percent of the world’s top retailers are proof enough for the reliability of the firm. They work effectively and efficiently for the security needs of multinational customers in diverse market locations to provide flawless and unswerving standards of protection. They do everything, including consultation and advice, while assessing the current risks in the current security systems.

The layout of the security plan, supply, installation, commission, maintenance and every other aspect of the security solutions is provided professionally for safer air to breathe in. This also ensures that customers don’t have to go through unnecessary duress thinking about safety plans because ADT looks into every part of that aspect.

The above mentioned advantages of ADT Home Security assure that the fate of the customer is in good hands. There has been a marked difference in the lives of people who have trusted ADT as a complete security solution to provide them with security services. The peace of mind provided to the customers, when they are aware that the epitome of home security services is constantly and untiringly monitoring any threats that can harm the customers, is quite impressive.

The ADT home security system provided to safeguard businesses goes a step further, so that a company faces no threats and functions smoothly. The professionalism and worth ethics at the firm are hard to find anywhere else as they put the priorities of the customers at the top.

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