ComEd Chicago Launches Mobile App


Are you a customer of ComEd Chicago that has wanted to pay your bill from your smartphone? Have you ever wanted to check on power outages in your area, using your smartphone? If you have an iPhone or an Android-enabled smartphone, you’re in luck since ComEd has just launched a new app for owners of these devices, so they can do that — and more.

Supported Devices

ComEd Chicago - AppsAccording to the ComEd website and the Apple iTunes Store, the ComEd Chicago mobile app, version two, is available for iPhones, iPads, and the iPod Touch running iOS version 4 or newer. This means that pretty much anybody in their service area that owns an iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone can access their account through the app.

The ComEd Chicago mobile app for Android is, according to the company and the Google Play Android Store, compatible with all devices running Android 2.2 and up. What this means is that anybody with a relatively new Android phone or tablet who is a customer can access most of their account information through the app.

Get and Report Information About Outages in Your Area

  • Red – Indicates that more than 2,500 customers are affected
  • Orange – Indicates that between 1,001 and 2,500 customers are affected
  • Yellow – Indicates that between 501 and 1,001 customers are affected
  • Blue – Indicates that between 51 and 500 customers are affected
  • Green – indicates that between 1 and 50 customers are affected
  • Brown with blue side boxes – Indicates multiple outages

When you hover your mouse over one of the colored triangles on the map, you’ll be able to see information about the specific outage. This information includes:

  • Number of customers affected
  • Status of the repair crew response
  • Probable cause
  • Estimated time until service is restored

At the upper right of the interactive service status map page, you’ll see two buttons. One allows you to enter your account information. Pressing the other button takes you to a page that gives you several options for reporting a service outage.

More Features of the Mobile App from ComEd Chicago

No, the mobile app isn’t just for reporting and receiving information about service outages in the ComEd service area. Once you log into your residential service account using the app, you’ll be able to see information regarding your billing status and pay your bills. You’ll see such information as when your next bill is due, and how much it is. You’ll also see when your last payment was and how much it was for. You can even manage multiple accounts from the app.

ComEd Chicago Screengrab 2The app has a dedicated page that lets you report outages. On this page you’ll be asked what type of outage you’re experiencing (My lights are all out, etc.) and whether your neighbors are experiencing the same issue or not. There’s also a separate section at the bottom that allows you to enter text comments. Since you’ve entered your account details when you installed and configured the app, once you submit the report, the company will automatically know where to send the service crew to investigate and repair the problem.

What Customers Are Saying

ComEd Chicago Screengrab 3With all that said, it seems that reviews are mixed. Not many people take the time to write an app review on either the iTunes Store or the Android Google Play Store pages, but those that have are either saying it doesn’t work (mostly Android users) or saying that it doesn’t support the iPhone 5 properly and needs to be updated.

So, reading through the features, it sounds like a great idea. Reading through the reviews, except for a couple from owners of older iPhones, it sounds like a good idea that wasn’t realized.

Check to see if you are in the service area for ComEd Chicago by entering your zip code here.