Where to Find The Comcast TV Schedule Online?


Even if you have a basic Cable TV package with Comcast XFINITY, your Comcast TV schedule will be packed. The XFINITY Digital Economy package — the most basic on offer — has over 45 channels to choose from. This number jumps to over 200 channels for the top Digital Television package offered by Comcast XFINITY.

With so many channels to choose from, finding what’s on at what time can be a hassle – especially if you are not sitting at home in front of the television. Luckily, there are ways to find the Comcast TV schedule online, which means you can plan your TV viewing from the convenience of your mobile device, or on your office lunch break.


The XFINITY website has a wealth of information about the Comcast TV schedule, including a bevy of other features that Comcast subscribers can use to enhance their XFINITY Television experience. On the main TV Listings page, you can find all the scheduled programs listed according to time slot; this is the default layout for the program listings.

You can further filter the listings by categories such as Kids, Sport, HD Only and Movies. There is also the option to search for specific programs, or search via timeslot or date. If you hover your mouse over the different channel icons on the left side of the schedule, it brings up the option to mark this channel as a favorite – you can then view the upcoming schedules of your favorite channels by using the “Favorites” search filter.

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Find the Comcast TV schedule online and watch the shows you love! Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

From there, creating your viewing schedule to watch later is simple. Under the ‘Saved’ tab on the Comcast XFINITY website, you can log in to your Comcast DVR Manager, then either add programs to a watchlist, or use the DVR Manager function to create a list of shows that you want to record and watch later. You can also view a history of programs you have watched recently, so you don’t double up accidentally. The DVR Manager is accessible from any mobile device, so you don’t have to physically program the DVR in order to record the shows you want.

Under the ‘Saved’ tab of the website, you can also purchase XFINITY OnDemand movies or shows via the XFINITY TV Store. In the TV Store, you can also purchase access to Pay-Per-View Events, which also has a separate scheduling page under the ‘Programming’ tab of the Comcast XFINITY website.

The XFINITY website offers one more function to Comcast subscribers, which is to watch TV online, from any mobile device. This means that once you have found the programs you want in the Comcast TV schedule, you can watch them at once via the “Watch Online” tab on the XFINITY website. This function on the website can also be filtered via genre, such as Kids, TV Shows, Movies, Live TV or Network programs.

Use LocateTV to Find the Comcast TV Schedule

LocateTV is a TV listings website that shows the schedule of a number of different Cable carriers, including Comcast XFINITY. The default setting for the page is to show the programs playing at the time you are searching, however, you can filter searches by time and date, and there are 14 days of listings on a clickable calendar, if you want to see what the coming weeks’ viewing is like.

Similar to the XFINITY website, you can customize your search through filters like kids programs, movies, TV shows, or genres like entertainment, home, news and sports. You can also click on the different channel icons on the left hand side of the screen to see all the programming for that individual channel for the coming 14 days. Additionally, if you sign in to the website you can save programming you want to watch to a “My Picks” list, and the website will forward email reminders when the shows you saved are scheduled.

Search Individual Channels

Aside from websites that show the whole the Comcast TV schedule, a good way to find what’s on is to search via the individual channels. For instance, the Comcast XFINITY website has pages dedicated to specific channels, such as HBO, SHOWTIME, Nickelodeon or the Discovery Channel. These pages give a detailed overview of the upcoming viewing schedule, making it easy to peruse your favorite channel, and giving advanced knowledge of new shows or TV events.

Whether you search each individual channel, or just browse the Comcast website, finding what you want to watch — even when you’re not at home — is simple when there are so many easy ways to find the Comcast TV schedule online.