Comcast Triple Play: To Bundle or Not to Bundle

Bundling with Comcast Triple Play

In today’s competitive Cable TV market, package deals are everywhere, Comcast Triple Play is one of the most popular bundles in the industry. Their deals can be seen on TV, the Internet, email, and you can even receive them in the mail. These ads all claim that by bundling television, Internet, and phone there is potential to save big dollars, and for many people that is true.

Despite what the ads say, not everyone can benefit from bundling their services. For many people, their Home Phone service, if they even have one, is already relatively inexpensive. So the big cost items are the Cable TV and Internet. The biggest question to ask is, “What do I get out of it?” Money isn’t the only thing to gain or lose with a bundled package.

The easiest way to figure out if a bundling package will save money is to add up the cost of the individual service bills and compare it to the bundling packages offered in the area. If the package is cheaper, then the answer is pretty obvious and it probably will save money. To ensure that it works out as a better deal, look at the whole package and compare it, side by side, to existing services.

Cable TV

Compare the channels currently received with the channels offered by the package deal. Which channels are more important to you? Which channels are less watched and can be sacrificed? Consider this when comparing packages to choose which one holds the most value.

A lot of cable companies provide a lot of channels, but one gimmick that many of them use is duplicating the channel. Frequently the same channel is offered in both standard and HD format. Does it really matter if the news is in HD?


This is probably the important part of the bundled packages. For many of us, the Internet has become an essential part of our lives; it connects us with the world at large. We use it to keep in touch with relatives and friends, play games, read the news, and expand our knowledge.

Things like gaming and socializing over the Internet require good bandwidth. If the offered bandwidth is less than what is currently offered, then it might not be wise to change. Lag in the heat of battle is never fun, and teammates don’t appreciate it either.

However, if you mainly use the Internet for email, social networking and a little web surfing, then the current bandwidth may be more than enough and rather than bundling all the services, the user may be able to lower his/her bills by downgrading to a lower Internet service tier.


If you have home phone service, then a Triple Play might work out great for you, as the phone signal over a cable line comes through crystal clear. Many of the cable phone packages also include unlimited long distance calling across the U.S., with many expanding it to include Canada and Mexico. With most of the bundling packages, the phone is like the drink on a value meal — when you break down the cost of the individual items, the phone is basically free.

Examine what is already being paid for, and what out of that is used a lot and what is not used. Then look at the bundled deals and truly assess whether they offer the most value. If the TV is rarely turned on, or a computer hardly used, then bundling is probably not a good way to save money.

Breaking Down the Comcast Triple Play

One last thing before the final decision is made is — weigh the pros and cons of bundling services.


  • Low introductory pricing for a set time frame
  • All services come on one simple to pay bill
  • Only one vendor to deal with during installation or troubleshooting
  • Convenient one-stop shopping


  • Drastic price increase at the end of the introductory period
  • Frequently, there is a service commitment contract period that can be difficult to get out of
  • Package options that go unused or are unwanted
  • Less ability to adjust the packages to meet individual needs

Many providers offer bundling services like the Comcast Triple Play, that include Cable, Internet, Home Phone and even cellular service. For many people bundling, their services mean a dramatic cost savings over purchasing individual services. However, the bundled options are not for everyone. There may be some features that you will lose with a bundle, or it may just not be an overall cost savings. Look closely at the options before deciding if one of the offered bundles will be the best option. Still not quite sure? Check out some of the deals available in your area.

Photo Credit: hoot2012