With Comcast Spanish, Viewers Have More Options

Comcast Spanish

Comcast Spanish is Comcast’s way of expanding on their base of services for those who prefer watching television in Spanish. As an extremely popular Cable TV, Home Phone and Internet service provider, Comcast has a wide variety of customers and it’s always smart for any business to offer programs that appeal to the fastest growing demographic in America.

Comcast provides its Hispanic customers with the opportunity to experience Latino television in Spanish at its finest, along with all the standard channels that are offered to all their customers with their normal packages.

XFINITY provides its customers with over 50 Spanish TV Channels that include FOX Deportes, CNN Español, HTV Música, CineMexicano, and even CineLatino.

Comcast Spanish Package Deals

Comcast Spanish offers a total of three diverse Spanish language-based programming packages ranging from a high of just under $100 to a low in the area of about $20.

Their least expensive package, overall, is the XFINITY Triple Play. This offer includes access to Comcast’s winning Cable TV, Internet and Phone services, all bundled into one easy and affordable plan. Comcast Spanish also offers their Triple Play Package for around $99.99 a month for 12 months.

The second Comcast Spanish package offered is their XFINITY Double Play MultiLatino Plus and Internet package. For about $50 a month, you get access to High Speed Internet and both English and Spanish television channels. It also includes XFINITY’s On Demand offerings, including Spanish movies, music, and telenovelas for the same price. The one con to this bundle deal is that unlike the other two offers, this bundle’s introductory price only lasts for six total months, instead of the 12 months for the other offerings.

XFINITY TV’s final offer is the lowest priced package at around $20 a month, with their MultiLatino Plus package deal. This package includes a free HD DVR for three months, which is a digital video recorder that will record the shows that you miss when you are out. Once again, like the Double Play MultiLatino, you’ll have the ability to watch your favorite Spanish and English shows, and also have the access to XFINITY On Demand’s Spanish-language section.

Normal Service Offers

Comcast definitely aspires to appeal to all their customers, no matter their nationality or language preference. Of course, the bundles are not the only options for Spanish users, though they do offer the services cheaper when together. Their normal service plans for television range from around $20 to $45 for 12 months.

Their first television plan is called MultiLatino Ultra which provides you with 115 channels and includes an HD DVR for six months, free of charge. A package with a slightly lower price is their MultiLatino Max deal which includes 60 channels, the same HD DVR six month deal for in the neighborhood of $35 a month. For the next step down in price, Comcast Spanish has a deal for television that includes only your local television channels, and HD DVR for six months free, all for about $30 per month. Lastly, there’s XFINITY’s basic cable offer for just about $20 a month.

Digital Cable is not the stopping point of Comcast Spanish, however. They have offers for customers who already have accounts that want to add special programming, or even add onto their service and get full HD DVR so they won’t miss any of their programs no matter what they’re doing or preoccupied with.

Comcast Spanish isn’t just for people who only speak Spanish. It’s also a great way for students of the language to perfect their knowledge of Spanish. Book and classroom instruction in language is great, but there’s really nothing like being immersed in it to help you gain fluency quicker.

Whether your primary language is Spanish, or you’re planning on moving to a Spanish-speaking country and need to brush up, Comcast Spanish and XFINITY have you covered.