The Comcast DVR Entertains You Any Time

Comcast DVR Family

In order to record TV content, you need either an outdated VCR, or you have to add a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) to your Digital Cable TV service. The good news is that you don’t need an additional box to do that. Just press a button and you can record, pause, and replay your preferred TV content at any time.┬áThe Comcast DVR, specifically, gives you a variety of options when it comes to recording your favorite TV shows and programs. You can set it in a manner in which it skips repeated or old episodes and does not miss new ones. With a DVR, you only have to adjust its recording settings, so that if the timing of the show that you would like to record changes, DVR changes its “schedule” too.

You can stop and rewind live television at any moment. If you have already missed an intriguing moment in a TV show or an episode, you can replay it. You can even view it at a slower speed.

The Comcast DVR Makes Your Life Easier.You have the option of recording a single television program or a whole series. You can store all of your preferred TV programs with a Comcast DVR. Also, your children can view recorded content — parents can adjust what kind of programs their children view with the “parental controls.”

The Comcast DVR provides users with the advantage of 80 GB of storage, as well as up to 45 Standard-Definition programming hours. Users are able to watch one show and record another one at the same time. Or you can record a couple of shows while watching a recorded one. Users have control over live television as they can stop it and rewind it at any time.

Comcast DVR offers high quality, combined with great customer service and low costs. You only need to pay a fixed monthly fee and you will have the service at your home. Or if you are fortunate, you may get a promotion, a discount or a special incentive such as free installation offered to new DVR users.

Comcast DVR and You

You can use a DVR by simply connecting it to your current entertainment system. To hook your receiver up to your actual sound system you have three major choices: a HDMI cable, a coaxial cable and the receiver’s optical audio port. Here is how you can use all three:

  • Optical Audio Cable: Connecting your DVR with an optical audio cable is as simple as plugging the cable into the optical audio port on your surround sound system that hooks to your television set.
  • HDMI Cable: You have to find the location of HDMI port on your receiver.Then plug the opposite end into the corresponding HDMI port, located on the surround sound system. Then you should adjust your system to audio mode.
  • Coaxial Cable: Connect the coaxial cable with the audio port located on your receiver and later, connect it to your surround sound system.

Activating the Comcast DVR is not a difficult process. Once you have hooked everything to your TV, you just need to make a phone call to Comcast and they will immediately activate your box at no additional fee. You do not need a technician to pay a visit to your home. And your Comcast remote control will allow you to easily switch between live shows and recorded programs.

Very often, the DVR will not function properly and will not turn on. Check to see if the DVR and the AC adapter are connected, and whether you have power. Also, you should check if all switches have been turned on. It’s better if you use the power button on the unit instead of the remote control. In case you use your distant control, make sure you set your remote to “cable” mode. In case your DVR delivers a high-quality image without any sound, you should check the status of the ”Mute” option. You should also check if all connections are attached into the right ports.

You need to check if all connections are attached, if you have audio, but no video. Also, if you are trying to view a channel to which you are not subscribed, you will be unable to watch it.

The Comcast DVR provides you with the advantages of a great TV viewership service, combined with technological ease and low-cost options. For all those people who have been looking for innovative options to record their preferred TV shows and programs, the Comcast DVR has come just in time and has so much to offer.

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