Comcast Double Play FAQ: Smaller Bundles, Same Features


If you’ve shopped around the Comcast packages and bundles, you have probably come across the term “Double Play,” a specific offering from the provider that functions as a limited sort of bundle. If you are looking for a compromise in your service selections and you can find competitive prices in your area, then take a closer look at the Comcast Double Play. Here’s a handy FAQ to help you get started.

What is Comcast Double Play?

The word Double Play comes from the phrase “Triple Play,” or the combination of Internet, Cable TV and Home Phone services that many providers offer their customers. A Triple Play has several advantages, not the least of which is getting similar services from a single company that charges a single fee each month. Double Play references the Comcast package that offers only two services: Internet and Cable TV (no, you cannot choose which two services you want).

(Other service providers also offer options like this, but Double Play is primarily a Comcast term describing the Comcast version of two bundled services.)

What Would I Choose Comcast Double Play?

Most people are drawn to the Double Play options because of their convenience. You may already have a phone plan with a different provider, but need Internet and Cable TV. You may not like the Comcast phone options in your area, or you may not need their phone services at all. People in these circumstances only want to pay for Internet and TV, and Comcast is happy to oblige and bring in more customers. Typically, a Double Play option will be less expensive than trying to purchase both services separately, so it makes sense from a financial angle, too.

Are Different Double Play Options Available?

Yes, Comcast offers several different Double Play options. They vary primarily when it comes to Internet speeds and available channels. Channels range between 80 and 160 with Comcast’s current lineup options, and may include some extras when it comes to premium channels like HBO. Internet speeds, however, have several tiers. The lowest starts at up to 6 Mbps for download speeds. This isn’t much and will not be sufficient for watching a lot of online videos or streaming music. However, it is sufficient for people who want Cable TV and just enough Internet service for email, social media, and website browsing.

The next two, more competitive levels bounce between a maximum of 25 Mbps and 50 Mbps download speeds. These are both sufficient for many common Internet activities. The 50 Mbps option is better for a larger family or multiple apartments where High Speed Internet and plenty of bandwidth is important.

Keep in mind that package options and Internet speeds may vary from location to location, based on Comcast’s decisions. This guide should be true for many different areas, but is not a guarantee of service. You may have more or fewer options in your area.

What Does It Typically Cost?

This is another point that varies a bit based on location. For average Double Play services, you can expect to pay around $60 to $80 per month (these prices refer to the starting prices, which tend to last for the first couple years before rising). For the highest speeds and most channels, you can expect to pay somewhere between $80 and $140 per month. The lowest tier of services will probably cost you around $50 per month.

Comcast Double Play bundles are designed to fall somewhere between paying for individual services and purchasing the full triple play. That means that you would save more money, in total, by choosing Triple Play packages, but you will save money compared to individual service prices.

Do I Get Any Discounts for Double Play?

That depends. Comcast does offer several promotions for new customers that change based on time and location. In addition to the discounted contract price that applies to almost all bundles, you also have a good chance of getting extra goodies like bonus cards, trial runs of higher Internet speeds, and limited free streaming of various services.

Photo Credit: Namestartswithj89