Reviewing the Comcast Channel Lineup

Comcast Channel Lineup

The Comcast channel lineup is something you’ll want to research if you’re looking into providers of TV services. Comcast started in Tupelo, Mississippi, way back in 1963, and they’ve come a long way to become one of the largest TV and High Speed Internet providers in the United States. They’re always coming up with new and creative ways to draw in new customers, from the On Demand service they offer, to a huge selection of High Definition channels, and more recently their venture into home security.

What the Comcast Channel Lineup Offers

Like all smart TV providers, Comcast offers an array of bundles and packages to fit the needs of every home.

The Limited Basic plan, as Comcast’s lowest-priced offering, is as basic as you can get. It has the shortest list of channels that include the major broadcast networks — NBC, PBS, CBS, ABC, etc. All those channels that used to be free, once upon a time, before the days of Cable and Satellite TV. However, this basic plan still grants you access to Comcast’s On Demand service, as well as High Definition versions of some of the basic channels.

The Digital Starter plan is a big step up with over eighty channels. You get all channels of the basic plan, along with channels like Investigation Discovery, MTV, VH1, and a variety of other popular stations any TV buff would like to have. From channels 901 to 946, they even throw in a collection of music channels. While music channels have never swayed my decision between Cable providers, it is a handy little feature to have now and again when I have company over and want something playing in the background, or when I’m cleaning the house.

Comcast Channel Lineup
You can also download the Comcast XFINITY app on your smartphone, so you can see the Comcast channel lineup, and set your DVR recordings.

Next up is the Digital Preferred package. Again, another big leap, this time from eighty channels to over one hundred sixty channels. Here, we have everything included in the previous packages, and now Comcast adds quite a few more HD channels, as well as the whole family of Encore channels—Encore Mystery, Encore Drama, Encore Action, Encore Love, etc. They also give you MTV Hits, VH1 Classic, and a ton more. Plenty of extensions of basic channels that have branched off into more — like Nick Jr. branching off from Nickelodeon.

Last but not least, we have the Digital Premier package. This is Comcast’s ultimate package with well over two hundred channels. It’s also the most expensive, of course. However, it’s the one package that is offered where you get all the premium channels included in your subscription at no other cost that you otherwise have to pay for separately. This means HBO, Showtime, and all their sub-channels are right there in your lineup.

Comcast’s Triple Play bundle offers are pretty popular. I’ll admit, I’d love to have their HD Premier Triple Play bundle, which consists of the Digital Premier TV package, up to 50mbps download speed with their Internet service, and unlimited nationwide talk and text on their phone lines — starting at $199 a month with a two year contract. Not bad, though I cringe to think of what that price jumps up to after your promotion period is up.

Comcast Premium Channels

Naturally, the typical Comcast channel lineup doesn’t include all those fancy channels, like HBO or Cinemax. But Comcast does offer them as additions to your lineup, at an additional monthly cost. For an extra ten dollars tacked onto your bill, you can order HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, or Starz. Not too bad of a deal, especially when you consider that purchasing these channels also gives you access to that channel on Comcast’s On Demand, as well and that other companies have charged five dollars for each of these networks.

As mentioned above, Comcast’s Digital Premier package is the only one that offers these premium channels built in so you aren’t stuck paying for them individually. If you only watch one or two shows on these premium channels per month, it can feel kind of like a waste. I’d hate to think I was spending ten dollars a month on HBO just to get my Game of Thrones fix.

How are they Stacking Up?

First, I have to say it’s nice how easy it was to get a look at the Comcast channel lineup compared with the difficulty of finding it with some other providers. I simply went to shop, clicked on view channel lineup, and there it was.

As for reviews, Comcast has never done great in terms of its customer service, and even their installation fees can get you if you aren’t careful. But they aren’t doing any worse than some of the other major providers in those terms. I’ve had Comcast for a number of years for my Cable TV and High Speed Internet, and despite a few little hiccups, I haven’t had any problems or complaints.

Of course, it goes without saying that different areas are going to be better/worse than others in terms of service. But in terms of their offered lineup, I would say the Comcast channel lineups are well above average.