Comcast Cable DVR Gives You Control

Comcast Cable DVR Gives You Control

Most people are not as technologically savvy as they might think. They use complex machinery all day at work, then they come home and struggle with the DVR. Programming one isn’t always easy because there are so many possibilities of what you can do with it and it gets a little complicated. It’s one thing to manhandle the remote to program it to record your favorite show, but to use the remote, like the Comcast Cable TV remote, means you have to actually be there.

Comcast Cable is starting to come out with interfaces that are more and more user friendly. These new interfaces are almost intuitive, like the XFINITY TV DVR, which makes it a lot easier for users to navigate different channels, to check in on recordings, and even to program different shows on different TVs in your house. And with the XFINITY DVR Manager you don’t even need to be home to do it.

Comcast Cable has been around for quite some time, and they are one of the most readily available providers. They offer multiple packages including phone lines, Internet, and of course, Cable TV services. Unfortunately because of the amount of services they offer, things can sometimes get a little overwhelming and you might feel like they are trying to turn you into a performing seal.

The new Comcast cable remote DVR Manager for the XFINITY DVR will jump through some of those hoops for you. You just need a little basic understanding first. Let’s take a look at the DVR, and some of the steps that you’ll need to take in order to get it working right.

Comcast Cable DVR Activation

First, you’ll need to activate the DVR manager. Your technician can do it when they come out to install your cable box or you can do it yourself. The only way to activate it is by going online. Visit, and use the activation link provided. The XFINITY TV DVR manager needs to be activated for each individual computer or tablet you plan to use it on. Once it is activated on that unit, you don’t need to do it again.

You will be prompted to enter your Comcast username and password. Once you do this, you’ll receive a message indicating that either the activation is in the works or that there has been an error. If there has been an error, wait a few minutes and try again. If the error message repeats, then contact Comcast Customer Support for further details.

Once activation is in process it will take 24-48 hours before you are be able to schedule or manage your recordings on line. However, in the meantime, you can still browse through your available TV listings, you just can’t set anything up. After the initial 24 hours, keep checking back to see if you’ve been activated because Comcast XFINITY will not send a notice.

Once you’ve been activated, visit to view any of your scheduled recordings. If you visit you will see the link for your DVR manager. If you are not logged in, you will be prompted to log in when you click it. Once you have logged in, you will be able to view all of your available TV listings and all the recordings you have stored.

The hard part is over. From here, it’s an almost intuitive point and click to schedule and record your shows. Simply follow the on-screen prompts.

Control Multiple DVRs

One of the more desirable aspects of Comcast Cable is that with DVR, you can actually control more than one TV in different areas of the house from your computer or tablet. However, before you get to that stage, you need to be able to identify them.

From your Personalized TV Listings Page, click on the DVR manager link, then click on the tab that reads “DVR Selector.” This will pull up all the eligible DVRs on your account, and it is from this page that you can manage, and customize them. Each DVR can play or record a different show.

Of course, without cute little labels, it would be difficult to determine which recorder is in which room. Look at the numbers on each unit and compare it to the listing you have on screen, then give each of them an appropriate name. After all, it wouldn’t be the best thing if the unit in the playroom recorded that late-night horror movie, and the last thing you want to see when settling down for a quiet evening with your spouse is yet another episode of “My Little Pony.” The names you use for the individual units is entirely up to you, just be sure that each has it’s own unique identifier.

From here it is simple to record individual programs to separate units, so each member of the family can view what they want, when they want to. It’s the end of family squabbles over the remote!

Once you’ve given each DVR an appropriate name, select one as the default. Many people choose the primary unit as one in a living or family room, though you might find that you actually watch more TV in your bedroom than you do your living room and want that as your primary unit. It’s all up to you.

That’s the power of Comcast Cable DVR. It’s in your hands. Don’t lose it!

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