Comcast and AT&T U-verse: Battle of Chicago TV


When weighing the options for the best digital TV service providers in Chicago, Comcast and AT&T U-verse go one-on-one for the Battle of The Windy City. A variety of plans are available for everyone including basic plans for those on a budget as well as more expansive plans that provide access to hundreds of channels. Customers have a lot of options to choose from, so come discover and explore the best of what each provider has to offer.

AT&T U-verse Plans & Features

At the heart of AT&T U-verse is its unique fiber optic technology. You get a high quality digital experience with crisp images and clear sound when viewing your favorite TV shows. Current options offered by AT&T U-verse include the U450, U300, U200, U-family, and U-basic plans. To give you an idea of the channel lineup range with these plans, the U-family currently includes more than 140 channels and the U450 plan hooks you up with over 470 channels. You can enjoy watching your favorite movies, shows, sporting events,and news on multiple channel networks.

AT&T U-verse will let you record multiple shows at one time, up to 4 simultaneously, when using their Total Home DVR system. If you have several TVs in your home, family members can enjoy and record their favorites. With the pause and rewind feature, it is easy to go back and replay portions you may have missed. For Spanish speaking customers, AT&T U-verse offers international programming as well as the U450 Latino and U300 Latino plans.

With AT&T U-verse On Demand, you can explore recent movie releases, watch premium channels such as HBO, and also access free shows and movies depending on your selected subscription plan. The U-verse Screen Pack is a great deal at only $5 monthly for getting access to an expansive collection of home movies.

Enjoy and never miss an episode of your favorite weekly TV series with the AT&T U-verse app. The app is compatible with mobile devices such as your smartphone or iPad so you can enjoy AT&T U-verse anywhere you go. Other AT&T U-verse apps will help keep you connected and include Weather on Demand, the Food Network, Interactive Workout, U-verse Games, and more.

Comcast Plans & Features

XFINITY TV from Comcast offers a great lineup of Cable TV plans that includes Digital Premier (260+channels), Digital Preferred (220+ channels), and Digital Starter (140+channels). The quality digital Cable TV service provided by Comcast XFINITY will provide you with sharp, clear images and sound to enhance your overall entertainment experience.

With XFINITY On Demand, many of your favorite shows and movies are free. Check out their site where they boast a happy 90% of the selection as being available at no cost to customers. According to Comcast, XFINITY On Demand programs are usually accessible to customers prior to their release through Netflix and Redbox. Some of the premium channels offered by Comcast XFINITY include Showtime, HBO, Cinemax, Starz, and The Movie Channel.

Comcast also offers XFINITY Latino Packages so Spanish speaking customers can tune in to and enjoy their favorite shows and movies. The most basic plan is TV 150 Latino with 60+ channels. Other package plans that include additional services such as Internet include the 2150 Latino plan with 60+ channels, and the 3450 Latino plan with a 121+ channel lineup.

Everyone will enjoy using the Comcast XFINITY TV Go App , which is another great way to enjoy your favorite shows, sports and movies while you’re mobile and on the go. You can download and stream your favorite picks onto your mobile device and view them later. Be sure to check out other great apps including XFINITY WiFi, XFINITY On Demand Purchases, XFINITY Connect, and more.

Helpful Customer Service and Support

With the Battle of Chicago TV: Comcast and AT&T U-verse, helpful customer service and support is right at your fingertips. Both Comcast and AT&TU-verse customers can use the handy on-screen guide to see what shows and programs are currently available in their area. Both providers will include service guides during installation. Keep these handy and near your TV in case you ever need to go back and refer to them.

For those times when you need to talk to a live customer service support rep, AT&T U-verse does offer continual 24/7 availability for technical support. Customer support can be contacted using their toll-free number, so make sure to make a note of it and keep it handy in the event of any technical problems that may occur while using AT&T U-verse.

Comcast offers customers an extensive range of options on their Get Help & Support page. Check out the listings to get helpful guidance on how to check for outages, reset your account password, or program your remote. User manuals are available for download and customers can also learn how to rework and customize their Comcast apps. Comcast customer service reps provide technical support around-the-clock 24/7.

When it comes to declaring a winner with the Battle of Chicago TV: Comcast and AT&T U-verse, both providers offer customers a wide range of great features and channel lineups to enjoy. It’s a tough call to make as potential customers need to consider several factors when weighing their options. One way to help you better decide is to consider your family’s overall needs for not just digital TV services but for other available types of services that both providers offer. Visit Comcast and AT&T U-verse online and check out their great promotional offers to see which one is the best choice for you.

Photo Credit: Bert Kaufmann